Saturday, May 9, 2009

the DETONATORS emergency broadcast system LP(1983)

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1.condemned to freedom
2.crime and punishment
3.angry young men
4.cloak and dagger is hell
6.mindless control
7.we're waiting and white
9.push us in, push us out your eyes
11.not valid or guns you understand?

I was turned onto the Detonators by the guitar player of Operation Ivy in perhaps 1986-87. The Dude was known as Lint back then, and was at almost every punk show in the Bay Area back then. I can recall him always buzzing around the audience at Gilman Street and just chatting it up with fellow punks. Lint had a true love for the scene back then, it was obvious when you talked to him. In one conversation I had with him about older California punk bands, he mentioned the Detonators. He gasped in aw when I told him I'd never heard them, and then went on to tell me that how his band was hugely influenced by them more than any other bands.
I later bought this LP at a record shop in Livermore California, and realized I had actually seen the Detonators at the Farm.
The Detonators started off as an L.A. punk band, then moved to Portland Oregon. When I listen back to this I can hear some skinhead influence on the band. Side 2 has riffs that really do seem stolen by op iv. Enjoy the core.


  1. Great record. All of the detonators stuff is awesome, especially BALLS TO YOU, which I think is the third LP. Band is based in OREGON now and still playing. Also, I have swine flu.

  2. Its weird how lint went on to be a huge succes with rancid.

  3. Great record! I agree with what Anonymous Said said when he said all Detonators records are pretty terrific. Even the throw away tracks on the Econochrist split are far better than some bands best.

  4. A Great band for sure. I never see they're old records for sale anywhere (ebay included). Did they press most the records themselves?

  5. Detonators records do pop up for sale once in a while, even on eBay and they don't really sell for too much. Hope it stays that way. This ban is so underrated!

  6. SWEEET!!!

  7. They actually moved to Eugene, not Portland. For a few years they were playing shows around the Eugene area (starting in 2003, I think) but I don't think they've done any more shows for a while.

    Thanks for upping this - a good record, but not as good as Just Another Reason or Balls to You.

  8. I think it is cool that the Detonators bailed on trendy CA for the no-sceneness of Eugene, OR. More power to the small town punks.

  9. awesome upload, i have this vinyl original from the 80's back when it was released in California. Cannot thank you enough for this recording!

  10. We are going to start gigging again.
    balls to you was reissued on c.d. by N.F.N. Records and 2 7"s were put out from material from 93. i think they put these records out in 2004?

    Maybe we will tour one last time?

  11. this shit rips thanks man

  12. 14, 2010 at 10:29 PM

    just a few words : around 1986-1987 my pal wrote to the detonators and they sent him this LP for free, he was very glad because the music was(and stil is) great!
    After more than 20 years I remember this record, all songs are excellent and I think its better than their later LPs.
    Greetings from Serbia (former Yugoslavia) and keep posting all these magnificent records !
    CHEERS !

  13. Guessing that was bruce up there, talking about records in print and gigs. we are gigging! just played in portland last night, you can get those records from me. if anyone is interested. just email me.

    thanks for all your nice comments.

  14. Great band and great album, it is a band that has influenced a few know bands in the world.

  15. Great band, i heard them at the first time in the maximum rock'n roll tapes, since that time i knew i had to listen more of them but i live in central american is hard to find something of them from here, so it's great you post this record thanks.

  16. When I was a little girl my uncle Troy was in the band Final Massacre, Roseburg Or. My uncle always say my on the stage next to him when he played a gig. I remember The Detonators playing a gig with my uncle and us all hoping in the Detonators van after the show going back to my uncles to crash. Very cool memory for me!

  17. Sat me next to the stage, and hopping into the van...stupid auto correct!