Wednesday, July 30, 2008

WITCHFYNDE cloak and dagger LP (1983)

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1.The Devil's Playground
2.Crystal Gazing
3.I'd Rather Go Wild
4.Somewhere To Hide
5.Cloak And Dagger
6.Cry Wolf
7.Start Counting
8.Living For Memories
9.Rock + Roll
10.Stay Away
11.Fra Diabolo

This is this U.K. bands third full length. The band was playing the nwobhm when most metal bands were still being toilet trained, as they had originally formed in 1976. In some aspects it boggles my mind that the band wasn't able to do any real type of progression between all their early records, in another aspect I can sorta respect that. You won't be able to listen to this album with out comparing the vocals to both Rob Halford, and King Diamond. Lots of high pitched notes screaming about sorcery, satan, & dragons here. Musically it has parts that remind me of early Scorps(in trance era, specially the tune "rock n roll"). I've had this record forever on vinyl as it was a high school sweetheart of mine, but I just scored this copy of it on picture disk, and I think it looks really cool.
I've been on a Witchfynde kick lately probably due to me loving this style of metal a lot again these days, but also because I'll be seeing the mighty Judas Priest in 10 days, and like I said vocally these guys remind me of stuff like that. Listening to this record always gives me a feeling of solid nostalgia. Enjoy.


  1. This sounds awesome! Vocalist sounds a lot like King Diamond/early Halford style.

    Keep up the good work--I'm discovering (and rediscovering) a lot of the bands that I grew up listening to.

    And it's awesome that you have all those old demos (Sacrilege/Attitude Adjustment/etc.) I thought that I had forever lost that stuff :-)

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  3. I used to be so disappointed with this lp. The cover, the imagery, the band name - it all sounded so EVIL. I had kept it only for a couple of months when it came out and then sold it. last week, i bought the first witchfynde 7" on ebay - never had it before. man - it totally rules! and guess what: after I downloaded "cloak & dagger" from here, I came to realize that it's a fantastic album! thanks for this - some ebay seller soon will be thankful too ;-)

  4. This was the best Witchfynde LP.

    'Rather go Wild' was their hit!

    I opt for Luther Beltz over the other guy for sure