Friday, May 9, 2008

BLOODLUST guilty as sin LP (1985)

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1.soldier of fortune
2.ride to death
4.tear it up
5.bleeding for you
6.too scared to run
7.rising power

Bloodlust were a L.A. speedmetal/powermetal band whom formed in around 1983. These guys had the Exciter, Omen, Manowar, Armored Saint, Savage Grace type of sound. Powerful, melodic yet fast, this album is a metal heads wet dream. The vocals of Guy Lord are that of a powerful metal screamer. Listening back to this stuff its amazing metal that keeps my neck bobbing even more so today then it even ever did it 1986.
My Pal Zoran T turned me onto this record in around 1986 or 87. I think I hated it at the first few listens as I was going through my "I hate, and repute all metal" phase. Seemed the dude was always blasting this when I'd go over to his crib to prepare for a punk or metal show, or before we'd hit the streets of San Francisco to skate and bomb hills all night. Dude was a true metal head, and turned me onto some great shit. Zoran is still involved in the California metal scene and he does a show called Capital chaos out of Sacramento. Enjoy & comment.


  1. hi.....i've been suckin up everything here for the last week, so i figgered i should at least thank you...thanks. 98% of this is new to me, and i'm likin it alots. I had heard the ufo and nerosis, and i think that's bout it....thanks...

  2. holy shit!! I've been lookin for this for years man!! your a hero!! not a top-10 record or anything but it reminds me of partyin with my buddies back in the day. just being high on beer and weed and metal and banging our heads all day and night was all that mattered.

    i'm a little surprised at the bands you compared em to though. i guess i always just thought of these guys along with Abattoir and Agent Steel. i had forgotten how bad ass the guitar sound was on this record. so fuckin heavy and crunchy!! and i always loved the the chorus in Ride To Death. a powerful metal screamer indeed.

    thanks man. you have no idea how hard this record had been for me to find.

  3. I can see why both you guys compare Bloodlust with all those bands...Omen, Exciter and Abattoir. it was 1985, these guys weren't playing thrash, and they weren't playing nwobhm. 1985 was the speed metal year for sure, and I can hear lots of Exciter, and Abattoir in the songs.
    Later on G?uy Lord was replaced by the vocalist of Abattoir, so go figure.
    Great blog indeed my friend. It keeps me coming back daily to see how i'll be surprised. I really dig the demo stuff you find. Please keep up the good work.

  4. your welcome dudes. Its an under rated metal LP indeed.
    I wonder whatever happed to guy Lord?


    1. Guy is living in Oregon now and doing very well..i know him personally lived with him for 3 yrs and hes a great dude.

    2. Guy is living in Oregon now and doing very well..i know him personally lived with him for 3 yrs and hes a great dude.

  5. any chance of you posting Filthy
    Christians and The Rods stuff again? digging the blog in any case cheers

  6. speaking of the Sacramento/California scene, i've been diggin on Sentinel Beast - Depths Of Death - again quite a bit lately. man thats just such a great fuckin catchy metal record. its one of those records that will always still get me every time - even after hundreds of listens. I think i listened to Dogs of War three times in a row earlier. maybe i'm kinda losing it.

    anywho, man your blog has kinda got me excited about some old school shit again and I'm lovin' it!! Word em up. Keep that shat comin!!

  7. this is about as metal as it gets! thanks

  8. this is wicked.
    i love your site.
    you keep me happy/sane.

  9. Wow dude you're friends with Zoran!! that's awesome.. I met him when my band White Wizzard played in Sac. Rad dude.. Great site by the way.. I can't believe your taste.. it's really spot on.. I love old School metal especially Nwobhm.. i saw you had the Dark Star lp on here one of my all-time faves. keep up the good work man!

  10. dude thanks for posting this amazing band!!!

    need help with a password though...

  11. Great blog, this one really rocks. Thanks.

  12. Well to everyone who asked "what ever happened to Guy Lord" I have the answer to that exact question. Guy and his family lived with my husband and I for sereral years and we were good friends with him. He married a woman named Jessica and has 4 kids and was doing great but sadly enough we lost contact with him after his family moved to Oregon. He use to sing to my son and play his albums all the time. Guy if you ever read this Gary and I miss you and the family lots.

  13. Great man thanks, my favorite song is chainsaw.

  14. Bloodlust has been rebooted with Guy Lord