Monday, May 26, 2008

SPAZZTIC BLURR before...and after LP (1988)

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1. Blurr Hogs
2. Images
3. ABC's
4. Spazztic Puke
5. Fuck Yeah
6. Bouge Jonzin
7. Call In Sick
8. Bedrock Blurr
9. He-Not-A-Home
10. Unless....
11. Let There Be Blurr
12. Ace
13. Def Metal
14. Mexicalli

These dudes were an obscure joke crossover band from Portland Oregon. The band first released a demo in around 1985-86, and then this their only album in 1988. The band runs through practically every underground genre including metal, hardcore, jazz, grind, thrash, and punk. Not something one can listen to everyday, but funny as hell, and kooky enough to influence certain powerviolence bands that came out in the 90's.
Think Wehrmacht meets S.O.D. I can remember reading in the bands thanks list, Siege (for the influence), and automatically I started trying to find out who Siege were.
Listening to this record is really all about memories for me. Brings me back to Albany NY after I moved home from S.F. in around 1989. My friend Louis Jakobs had a long haired metal buddy named Roger who really only into metal. Roger traded me This LP and the Infest slave for some metal record that I am having a hard time recalling. Might have been the Hellhammer 12". At any rate, I traded this or sold this record in my second purge, and of course regretted doing so. It wasn't until recently that my Neighbor Artie and I discovered/met this Russian record collector in our neighborhood, who let us come over and browse records (by appointment only). I was able to score this record again for $5. Thanks Ed!


  1. always wanted to have this one ! great to see that this blog is still going strong - timo

  2. Word!! I thought one or a few of these guys were also in Wehrmacht?? Maybe it was just the Portland thing..

  3. you're right, there were some wehrmacht dudes in it

    what else to say? total classic shit right there man, cheers

  4. well there yeah go, no wonder theres that vibe. Nate

  5. haha these guys were far out man!

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  7. nearly bought this on CD (rereleased i guess) 2 weeks ago. mainly cos of the wehrmacht guys, never heard this album before. i wnet for wehrmacht instead. i hope i can still get this one sometime. thanks for the upload

  8. The album cover looks gnarly, so I gotta listen


  9. great f*ckin record!!!!
    been searching this thing for years now.
    They did this between the "shark attack"album and "beermacht"
    You can hear some influences of Spazztic Blurr in the "beermacht"album.
    Especially the pucking.....

  10. This is a great album but does anyone have the Bedrock Blurr Demo? Please let me know if someone can help me with a good link

  11. you can get a copy of "Bedrock Blurr" demo here

  12. been trying to find this for years...thanks so much...

  13. The vocalist told me that they're going to release this LP remastered and release some unreleased demos in the future.