Thursday, June 5, 2008

MALICE in the beginning.. LP (1985)

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1.Rockin' With You
2.Into the Ground
3.Air Attack
4.Stellar Masters
5.Tarot Dealer
6.Squeeze It Dry
8.No Haven for the Raven
10.Godz of Thunder

Hello my lovely metalheaded friends!
My Buddy Artie picked us up Priest tickets for August, so of course I've been on a massive Judas Priest listening kick lately. I last saw the band on the screaming for vengeance tour with opening act Iron Maiden in the early 80's.
What does all that have to do with Malice you say? Well, Malice were a VERY, very Judas Priest influenced band from Los Angeles, with the vocalist sounding almost exactly like Halford. That being said, I sorta love Malice for just that reason alone. Sure they looked "gay" with all the eye liner, and spandex, and yeah they missed the nwobhm boat by at least 3 years.... The band formed in 1981, and put out another two records that I know of, this one being the debut, & my favorite. Still don't get why it took them 4 years to get this record out.
So as I've been exhausting all my early priest Albums, I busted this one out to see if it still reminded me of JP the way I recall. It does, and it rules!
I ended up with this record through my high school friend, and band mate Mark Szwarcberg. Mark started hating on all the "cheese metal", and had gotten gung ho into the thrash metal type stuff. He gave this one to me telling me that it was a "poser record". He was sorta right... It was, but it still smokes in a early 80s sorta metal way. If you like Savatage, Armored Saint, and of course Judas Priest, chances are you'll get a hard on listening to this one.


  1. The song "Godz of Thunder" is so good that I can't see straight...

  2. hey man, love the site.
    but i'm having some trouble extracting the files from this malice record. maybe you can help. thanks.

  3. Dude, i got this at a swapmeet for a dollar in East La. i agree.. pretty Preistly metal.. Radd!!

  4. Having trouble with the malice album

  5. Don't forget that Malice was also featured in that great Fred Savage movie where he switches places with his dad....

  6. Oh man. Wow. I am shocked to see Malice on here. I bought the LP in '85 from some mailorder -- the same place I bought "Kill 'Em All" -- can't remember the name -- haven't heard this in 20 years. But, I can't get it to extract. Damn. Disappointing.

  7. I can't extract these files or the Holocaust Nightcomers files. I did check out a bunch of other stuff from this blog that worked great so thanks I appreciate it much!

  8. lol your friend is a fool xD
    anyway, thanx a lot for this cult record :)

  9. is this the same malice that appeared on Metal Massacre I?