Sunday, June 29, 2008

PARADOX product of imagination LP (1987)

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1.Opening Theme
3.Death Screaming and Pain
4.Product of Imagination
5. Continuation of Invasion
7.Kill That Beast
8.Pray to the Godz of Wrath
9.Beyond Space
10.Wontan ll

These guys were a Pretty awesome, obscure and overlooked thrash metal band from Germany. The back cover was totally corny looking, and you almost wouldn't be able to tell how awesome they were based on some bad mustache's, and the spandex outfits. Dudes almost look like the little bros of the Scorps. None the less this shit is fast, and raw thrash. I was obsessing over German thrash metal, and hardcore during the late 80's. No idea why (well, it prolly had something to do with Destruction, and Sodom).
This is one of the first records I ever bought at Erl records when I moved back to Albany from S.F. How could I go wrong, it was $3.99. Dave the owner back then, would allow you to drink in the store, smoke in the store, etc. It was a great place to gather together with buddies, talk about music, and drink some Jagermiester. He didn't really dig metal, so anything he got in used, was cheap! This store was one of my all time favs.


  1. I have this on cassette somewhere but I can't find it right now. I think I remember the pic on the back of this one though. I remember one of the dudes (i think he has a lefty flying V) having a pretty cheesy metal stance goin on. I know thats pretty vague but its probably been 15 years since I've seen the actual LP.

    Anywho, yeah, a good record for sure. I actually listened to Accuser - The Conviction - the other day and thought about Paradox. Always kinda thought of those bands together - they were like another wing of the German thrash scene. Vendetta could probably go in there too..

    Word em up. This is a great blog man.

  2. Thrashaddict Johannes De CorteJuly 1, 2008 at 6:21 AM

    I just discovered Paradox about half a month ago and I love them.

    Their album Heresy is even better imo, a scandalously overlooked thrash classic. Best part is: it's a concept album about the coolest people who ever lived: the Cathars.

  3. heresy is 10/10, totally underrated.
    last lp is good too, but seriously overproduced.
    cheers, axegrinder/croatia

  4. jbm...your memory is in fact correct. total cheese pose on the back. Looking back I wonder how I got past the photo... great music though. any one know about any demos by them? Not so into the later stuff.



    This was a demo they had called "Mystery". I only heard about it - I was into the metal scene at a pretty young age and I didn't get my hands on many demos.

    Anywho, the dude with the red guitar is the one!! Its all comin back now - I can't believe I got past that either now that I'm lookin back at it now!!

    I'm with you Nate. I like "Heresy" OK but I mean by that point a lot had changed. I never even knew anything about a third LP..

  6. Nate peep this site if you don't know of it already. Use the google search on the left panel - they have about EVERY metal band you can think of. And they usually have a very extensive discography, including demos..

  7. Love that paradox song... Jeff gilbert use to play it on brain pain! (radio show from seattle, long time ago)

  8. Thank you very much. I did not know it before. Sounds like Accuser cousins :)

  9. I got this stuff from a pen trade from Germany, this guy plays in other thrash metal band in the 90, when i do my first fanzine here in spain.... i really love thrash and hardcore stuff.
    thanks for all this stuff that i thought was lost on time.

  10. Gracias! Gran Banda de Thrash Saludos desde Santiago de Chile.-