Friday, June 6, 2008


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Alrighty then...
I'm getting married next Sat in Hawaii, so I've been ripping lots of stuff to throw on the blog so that June won't be such a dead month, and so that assholes like you will keep checking back.
Infernal Heirarchy were from the south in Greensboro North Carolina. One of the last of the death metal bands I was digging on at the time. I think right around this time period in death metal, the death scene had become very commodified, and over all shitty (sort of the way black metal is nowadays). Most stuff became way over produced. You could hear it in the drums, everything became triggered, and just sounded to technically polished. It was a huge turn off, and quickly had me dumping my death metal collection. Part of the appeal to early death metal was its rawness and certain relation it had to hardcore.
These guys though... even in '93 when all that shit was happening kept with the brutalness of their forefathers.
Like I said I dumped my early death stuff in around 1994-95. Started buying some of it back as of late. This one I remember originally ordering through the mail from this dude Ed who did Rage records in Queens NY. The band I was in at the time was a straightedge grindcore band called Monster X. We were all pretty much into the likes of these guys, Brutal Truth, Terrorizer, Morbid Angel, Bolt Thrower, etc. Listening to this ep again, I can hear a riff that directly influenced me in some of my early writing with Monster X. Both the songs on this 7" ep are at least 5 mins long each, so def worthy of downloading. Fuck the triggers!


  1. you said "so that assholes like you will keep checking back."
    I keep coming back just for lines like that!

    Hope your big day goes well- welcome to the club- married assholes rule!

  2. yeah really bro, congrats! I read your blog ALL the time, its my favorite on the web. I love this death metal you posted. Any other bands from this time period that you can treat us to? You are right about the production being taken to seriously with dm in the mid 90's. Shit went downhill.

  3. First off, congrats! Your badass stories and wicked music keeps me comin back. Death metal is not my thing, but the old school style is worthy of my ears. I really wish that more bands would try to preserve the original style instead of this new age of retarded cookie monster vocals. Keep this shit alive man, its one of the few things that keep me sane =)

  4. you were in Monster X? no shit... I'm pretty sure I remember hearing you guys from a friend aaaaages ago...

    anyway, grats on the nuptials and thanks for this and everything else I've grabbed from here (I've been bad about leaving comments until now).

  5. thanks kevin! cool to see you commenting now. It actually helps in motivating me to upload new shit.

  6. thanks for this... I wasnt listening to much death metal after 1988 or so because of the reasons you stated. But, this sounds old school , reminds me a little of Whiplash meets Kreator

  7. really like this one!

    The gut-wrenching vocals are right in there... The drum tempo is very fast but is much more then just the snare popping off like a machine gun... The guitar has kind of a degressive death metal sound... (almost like the band, death)

  8. Monster X was sick bro! congrats too on married-ness! An amazing upload again! you keep hitting the spot!

  9. Thanks for posting this. I used to order records from Rage Records back in the eary '90's. Exmortis, Revenant, Putrid Evil(?} singles I think I still have. Hopefully someday the dude will re-release this stuff on cd or something. That would be killer!

  10. ha ha their names misspelled--it's hierarchy

  11. Very raw, powered up, no holds bared. This is what Black should still be, it is really sad that the genre went all crappy in the mid 90's and hasn't been able to get back up in its feet.

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