Sunday, June 22, 2008

V/A-HARDCORE REALITY tape (8/14/1982)

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By cryptocomx at 2008-06-22

I'm Just back from my honeymoon, and wedding & figured things were slow on here for long enough...
This is a random tape compilation that was hand made and traded with/ for famed photographer Glen Friedman by the mighty punk artist, and Septic Death vocalist Pushead back in 1982.
These were the days when finding fast aggressive hardcore could be a chore. It took becoming pen pals with people world wide, , scowering every zine that one came in contact with for info. Of course trading tapes was an essential, and a great way to stay on top of, and finding newer stuff. I would read everything from early Flipside, to Ripper, Suburban voice, metal maniacs, mrr, hardtimes, etc in hopes to discover a new band, or come in contact with someone from another country or state. I'm not sure how this actual tape started making the rounds, but it's cool that it did. Listening to this, one can see/remember how amazing and pissed off the hardcore scene was in its early days. This was real. It was about being picked on by jocks, rednecks, and the rest of society. It was about being looked down on for what we looked like, it was about Ron Reagan and the cold war. If you were a punk/metalhead in these early days, you might not find work, if you did, you were prolly a dishwasher. Punk hardcore was about so much that attracted me to these early days of being a misfit in society. This tape compiles everything from some of the more popular of the punk bands of the time, to some obscure gems as well. Enjoy, and as always please comment.


  1. Just an all around good post here. Nice way to start off married life, congrats. I really liked the commentary here, it made me miss those tape trading days. I wish i had done a lot more of that. Thanx for your time and energy

  2. I look forward to listening. All your work dredging up bands in '82 paid off for those who were looking for bands around '86-'87. It was all so much easier to find by that time!

  3. awesome tape. great mix. congrats on married life.

  4. Yeah me too, many happy futures to both of ya.

    I totally can releate to the tapetrading memeories even though my time was in the 1990s (the dogs' tailend of the 1980s in many ways). Recently some people are manking a great distinction between "filesharing" (i.e. blogs) and tapetrading days, the underlined seems to be that back then it was honest and fair while it's oh-so different today. Perhaps.

    On personal level, I fail to see much difference from tapetrading and what's going on today - I am still writing over-the-top enthusiastic letters back and thro' to other heads all over the world about obscure bands in some obscure backwaters somewhere...

    Anyway, cheers for this, a great post as always...

  5. The good thing about the tape trading days was - people weren't married and didn't care to breed so much like in these days. ;-)
    Of course it was completely different in the pre-internet days, when being hip wasn't so hip like it today with Slobo and his hipsters and all ...

    Nice tape - never heard of this one.

  6. ha ha...fucking breeders! Thanks Erich.
    The tape trading days were one of the most important things happening in the underground scene back then. It was relevant to everything going on, and a VERY important way for people to discover some shit band from say Switzerland. fuck yeah...

  7. Almost 2hrs of great stuff. Thanks

  8. Awesome upload, thank you! Been looking for this for quite some time.

  9. Not bad but a little mellow... Most of the songs remind me of Black Flag.

  10. How many tape comps like this have I made - and lost - over the years, huh?
    Nice to see something like this available on the webernets.
    Great blog, been lurking here a bit now just gulty of not commenting - lame coming from a fellow blogger.

    Anyways, I threw up a link to your fine blog from mine, and if yer wonderin' whats up in the SFC these days feel free to ask - not that I know what the fuck is goin' on these days tho, ha ha.

    Jason / L-R V

  11. Hey Nate thanks. Very random to stumble on your blog here and to receive the wedding pics this weekend. Thanks! I had an awesome time.

    Great post too. I (like many others) couldn't afford the import prices of the records. Compilation tapes like these made it possible to discover the world out there for the price of a cassette (and a few soaped stamps).


  12. Marcel~

    cool that you found the blog... I've spent a lot of time on in in the last year. Fun as hell actually.

    Mccoy mentioned you were getting into black metal, now that is random dude. Very cool though.

    Thanks for making the long trip from Holland to Hawaii it meant a lot to me.

    hope you are well. Nate

  13. As much as I love downloading thousands of songs free it could never in a million years replace the "feeling" of getting those fluffy brown packages in the mail from Japan, Sweden, Brazil, every US state etc, etc, etc, etc.

    The stamps (dudes requesting their stamps be sent back), the broken English (one dude opened his letters with "Dan, What are fucking shit?" ,the handwritten JVC tape jacket covers, the adds and flyers inside. Can't replace that shit. No way.

    I remember tape trading with dudes who ended up being in bands like Sigh (Japan) and Edge of Sanity to name a couple.

    Plus you really felt like you worked for those songs, you earned that shit!

    Filesharing can't replace that either. Tape trading is truly underground. Just my opinion.

    PS - Nate insulted me once and felt so awful that the next day he bought me a sandwich to make amends. Good dude.

  14. vale weon hay un monton de bandas que ni siquiera conocia es interesante conocer bandas tan antigua para entender mejor el movimiento y la evolucion de la musica. gracias