Friday, June 6, 2008

PICTURE diamonddreamer LP (1982)

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1.lady lightning
2.night hunter lovin'
5.message from hell're all alone
7.lousy lady
8.the hangmen
9.get me rock and roll
10. you're touching me

Don't let the bad album cover fool you...
Pic were from the Netherlands, and were early legendary lords of the nwobhm sound. I believe they formed in around 1979-80. When I think of their sound, I think Maiden meets Dio! Yeah, almost that good man. The band influenced U.S. bands, English bands, heavy metal bands from everywhere. Its unreal to me how these guys have sorta been left out of metal (at least in the U.S. scene).
For me, when I think of Dutch music the first things that come to my mind are L'arm, BGK, Picture, & Golden Earing. This stuff is true, die hard heavy metal with great vox, and melodic heavy sizzling guitars. The drums just play hard and steady.
I was on tour in Europe some years ago with the Oath, and I bought a bunch of Picture stuff at some weird flea market in one of the city centers of Holland. Some of this bands records have always been tough to find in the U.S. Record shopping in Europe is amazing. So much metal, so many metal heads... dudes with lots of hair, bad mustaches, and leather vests buying some of the worst hard rock albums of all time. I love it, Long live metal.


  1. NWODHM!
    Thanks for this awesome find.

  2. I first heard this on tour when my friend Brux in Portland played it he said check this band "diamond dreamer" and i thought huh? this band is called Picture.. so it turns out yeah i was right. Opening Track "lady lightning" RULES!! did picture get thrashier later on?? like "eternal dark" i hear that's a good one too.

    it makes me feel real young, but HEY GUESS WHAT!? my generation X isnt totally a lost cause, because I LOVE THIS! (along with the rest of your site!) in my opinion, all these "new" metal bands need to do some serious soul searching, cause this shit (old shit) is PURE METAL!

  4. i thought they were called diamond dreamer as well.. but that was many moons ago. nate

  5. Just discovered your blog! Thanx for sharing the old heavy metal stuff!!

  6. Here's a demo version of the song Message From Hell by Dutch band Hammerhead wich I uploaded somewhere else.
    Shmoulik was in this band before Picture.
    The guitarplayers are Chris van Jaarsveld and Erik Karreman. Chris turned up in Picture and Erik in Highway Chile ( For The Wild And Lonely 12" and I believe the Rockarama album too.
    The girl you hear announcing it is Hanneke Kappen who had her own hardrock and metalshow on Dutch radio called Stampij.
    She was the singer of White Honey (Nothing Going On In The City),
    Bitchess Sin dedicated a song to her (and misspelled her name).