Sunday, June 8, 2008

AGNOSTIC FRONT liberty & justice for...LP (1987)

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I first saw AF in around 1985 in Albany with Youth Of Today, and Albany Style. They were supposed to tour with GBH, but GBH bailed or something. I remember walking into the Washington Ave VFW as they were sound checking to Metallica's Seek & destroy. I was blown away before the band even played the show. They shredded that night with Roger just leaping all over the stage. Another year or two later some German friends I knew and who were staying with me wanted to see AF at the stone, so we all went. The band took the stage, and started with the pledge of allegiance... I was like, ugh... the Germans were getting weirded out as well. Suddenly a bunch of Skins in the front of the stage started seig heiling Roger and the band, it went on for a few mins, about 50 bone headed skins stomping around, goose stepping & acting as though AF were a full blown nazi band. Finally Roger started yelling at some of the skins in the front, telling them that "we are not a fucking nazi band", "I'm fucking Cuban"! I have to give it to him, to have the balls to take on and confront these idiots was cool to hear, I really didn't expect it. The band pounded out some old songs, plus lots from this LP including Iron Cross's "crucified", barely stopping between songs.
This LP is my third fav by these guys after victim in pain, and live at cbgbs. This is a classic crossover record. Enjoy, and comment.


  1. Great record. Probably my favorite AF. I love the sound - especially after the weird tone that Cause For Alarm had. "Strength" is my favorite tune on here. There was a while there where I was all about this NY hardcore-metal stuff (ie Agnostic Front, Cro Mags, Crumbsuckers, Primal Scream, Leeway, etc).

    I first heard of Agnostic Front - as well as Carnivore - from their crucial role in the Power Thrashing Death Brigade (AKA the guys that did the backing vox on the first Whiplash record)

  2. I get a little queasy whenever I hear stories about that scene from whence AF came. Oh well, this is still a decent record with some crazy vocals. As mentioned above, it was very refreshing after that "Cause for Alarm" shite!

  3. I don't know man... I'm like the only person I know that likes the cause for alarm LP.
    This one is the last of what I think the band really had to offer.

  4. I love Cause For Alarm!! I just didn't like the trebly git sound.

  5. Liberty And Justice has this cool "round" sound that I really like. I know thats a really vague term to use but its what I hear..

    I guess that was the main reason I liked Lib & Jus a bit more than Cause For Alarm.

  6. I love Cause for Alarm too! But this record is fantastic and I wish I could have seen them rock it back in the day. I love this blog, man. I come back to it on a regular basis. Great stuff!

  7. I never really understood the whole nazi-skinhead infatuation with these guys back in the day either... mind you, I dunno if this was the same everywhere, but where I grew (smaller town outside Toronto) there was an understanding - misguided or not - that wearing boots with red laces meant you were a nazi-skinhead. so when "Live at CBGBs" came out with the red-laced boots on the cover, I was just like "oh, no wonder".

    I agree too that nothing good came out of this band after "Live at CBGBs"... I've already got Liberty & Justice (my favorite AF record too) but nice post regardless :-)

  8. help me i just made a blog and cand fidgure out how to post my records on here how did you do it?

  9. This has to me be one of AF's most underated albums, but it's still one of my faves. Oh, I've spent hours on this blog checking out stuff I thought I'd NEVER hear again. Good looking out.

  10. Great memories with this one...but it's hard to listen to these days, knowing what happened to this band...

  11. When I first heard AF, I thought I had found heaven (from Victim through L&J; this was right around '87). Nice to relive the feeling.

  12. Thanks for posting this, I've been lookin' for it in stores for a while now. Guess it's out of print or something. I liked how they went back to being somewhat of a unity band after the right-wing, mildly hateful, Pete Steele influence on "Cause For Alarm" (though I do think it's a good album). As one who likes classic Metalcore I enjoyed everything they did, until that awful supposed "We're calling it a day now, bye!" live album in the early-9O's - that was horrible.

  13. cheers for your cool blog,bro,can you post "cause for alarm" of A.F,greetings from south america

  14. I know I'm really late, but I just wanted to chime in... That tour with GBH took place in '86. When both bands played here in Denver (well, actually in a club in a suburb called Aurora) it was legendary around here. Lots of fun, both bands ripped, place sustained heavy damage but continued to have shows for at least another year or two...

    That song "Public Assistance" on Cause For Alarm probably goes a way toward explaining why the Nazi skins thought they'd found their American standard bearers...

  15. I love the "Liberty and Justice" lp "Live at CBGBs" lp and "Cause for Alarm" lp thank you very much("Growing Concern" being my favorite")To me this is great metallic hxc, I don't care what anyone says!!!!