Monday, July 9, 2007

Fates Warning-night on Brocken LP (1984)

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1. Buried Alive
2. The Calling
3. Kiss Of Death
4. Night Of Brцcken
5. S.E.K.
6. Misfit
7. Shadowfax
8. Damnation
9. Soldier Boy

Fates Warning were one of the few bands any of us metal heads knew of back in the day that were from Connecticut. The band played a catchy version of nwobhm, that had a spot on Iron Maiden aspect to their sound. I mean seriously, If Maiden were to have had to replace Dickenson in the 80's, then the front man from this band (John Arch) could have replaced him no problem. The dual guitar solos were also spot on as well.
Another classic metal cover that again, is so bad, that it was good. These covers were so important back then in selling the records to us dip shits.
I discovered this band by watching a friend who went to Albany high named Ig, who would play inner city basketball in the projects(being the only white kid in the games), and he'd have his boom box on the sidelines with a few of us fellow metal heads rooting the dude on. He almost listened to Fates Warning all the time. This is the only record I can stomach by them.

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  1. This was the flashback post for me...cruising around the mean streets of West Hartford Connecticut headbanging to this album. Damn those were the days.

    Surprised you can't stomach The Spectre Within or Guardian man. Take some pepto and play those fuckers again!

  2. I've been on a big Fates Warning kick as of late (Awaken The Guardian!) and I keep having this daydream where John Arch got that Maiden gig instead of Blaze. The guy is just amazing.