Friday, July 6, 2007

Tank-this means war LP (1983)

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1. just like something from hell
2. hot lead cold steel
3. this means war
4. laughing in the face of death
5. we go down fighting
6. I won't ever let you down
7. echoes of a distant battle

When I think of Tank, I think of beer and drinking, as They are a drinking band, like AC/DC, and Motorhead. I discovered Tank on a boom box blasted by a kid that we called Yom Bones in high school in the 80s. Yom Bones(sp?) would eat his cereal with beer instead of milk, and would show up on Friday and Saturday nights at a place we called "the Rocks"(bunch of boulders piled together in the woods where we partied). He was always blasting this tape. When the cops would show up to chase us away, you could hear Bones running away with "echoes of a distant battle" fading into the night from his boom box.
Tank were formed by an ex member of the U.K punk band the Damned in 1980 who wanted to play more metal sounding music. Tank sound much like Motorhead (not as good of course), but adding more of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal Sound to their bite. The band put out many great records, and I listen to they're records up until '87ish.


  1. hi gloom666 i'm here again ja, thank you very much by read me and by have answered me, it's a little difficult to me to tell you some old mexican metal because i wasn't in that time i'm i little young, i know a few old bands like dark half they were form in 1988, (by the way it's really difficult find music of this band, but i'll try to find it), or there is other band call toxodeth it is very popular in the underground metal mexican music, but the bands i can tell you more are nowadays bands, some of they are, strike master they play a good old school metal(they were in L.A. like 3 or 2 months ago), there's other band call voltax, other one is tenderness, or there is a band call calvaria, they play heavy metal. i'll ask to my grow up friends for more old mexican metal. that's all at the moment and here is the link for this great band strike master, listen to the cd.

  2. Tank is more like one-time Damned bassist Algy Ward's project. before The Damned he played with The Saints (Australia's proto-punk). Algy only played on one LP by The Damned, "Machine Gun Etiquette"

  3. excellent post... good stuff on this lp.

  4. any other blogs have Tank albums to download. i love them and want to get there records but i cannot fnd then anywhere. do you have any more tank albums? any chance you could use media fire to upload? that works best for me. thanks a bunch great site.


  5. Bloody Marvellous, I remember them at Reading, I think in 82 - everyone said they were motorhead soundalikes, i thought they were a little rougher.........


  6. Excellent post, I have this on picture disc! My favourite Tank album is Power Of The Hunter with it's wicked cover of The Osmonds Crazy Horses but this album is pretty fuckin good too. It's been a while, lookin forward to hearing Echoes.. again.