Friday, July 20, 2007

Gammacide-victims of science LP (1989)

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1.Endangered Species
3.Shock Treatment
4.Victims of Science
5.Gutter Rats
6.Walking Plague
7.Chemical Imbalance
12.Forces of Nature
13.Sex Cult
14.Against The Grain
15.Vapor Lock

Some of these riffs and licks are straight up Slayer, mixed with stuff like Legacy and other Bay area thrash acts from the mid 80's.
These Texas thrashers also add some blast beats here and there (almost ahead of their time on "gutter rats"). The vox are sorta Hardcore/punk styled (crossover I guess in the vein of Cryptic Slaughter or something), with all the lyrics being about science.
I discovered the bands demo around 1988 from a hardcore dude named Lurky, who was an underground "cock fighter". The dude was twisted.

For some reason I couldn't upload this to rapidshare, I'm temporarily putting it on sendspace. sorry.


  1. I can't seem to download off of sendspace... it gives me the ol' page not found screen.

  2. This download is dead Jim!

  3. these dudes are from my hometown. Crazy finding this on here. I used to go see them play regularly back in the early 90's. Her's a link to the 91 demo

  4. Sounds very old but thanks I'm gonna try... I wonder how it sounds, the punk from 80s... maybe it wasn't so different than now, thanks