Monday, August 7, 2017

MONSTER X Live At CBGBs (1997)

A gig that happened around 20 years ago. I found this flyer and tape of both Spazz and Monster X while picking through some of my basement crap. The tape is a recording from the board.  This CBGBs show was insanely packed, with a very "diverse" crowd due to the strange line up.  One emo band would play and a bunch of kids from outside would run in while they played.  A more brutal band would play and the emo kids would go outside while the other kids came in.  Tyler King put this one on. I recall him talking to me as we were loading in about him getting a cease and desist letter from a lawyer from another Monster X band.  I laughed and told him we got those every month. Tyler ripped it up and obviously let us play. Some highlights for me were having Danny Lilker (Anthrax, SOD and Brutal Truth) come up to me after our set and tell me how much he dug us and loved the cover of straight ahead that we did. Also meeting Timojhen Mark face to face and him telling me that he flew out to see us from Cali. Listening to Chris Kellys between song banter ragging on all the emo bands playing.  Hilarious... It sure was a strange line up.  I would love to see the MX set come out as a live LP.  Get at me if you have interest i n putting it out. Someday I'll post the Spazz set.
Set is separated into 2 sides, both sides are larger wav files 

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  1. thanks, pretty good sound and awesome playing. please post the spazz set too someday. cheers!

  2. DAMN, How did Braid and the Get Up Kids end up on this monsters of extreme hard core gig? I guess it would have had nice to have that break... I do remember around this time my brothers band touring and he said they played with emo band after emo band!

  3. Cool to have this, thanks. I was at that show and even saw Lilker as well. Used to see him everywhere back then. Thought you guys did a killer set that night. Cheers

  4. Such a fantastic show and some really great memories - who'd have thunk that we'd look back on it so fondly.