Saturday, January 31, 2009

REASON TO BELIEVE when reason sleeps demons dance LP(1990)

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2.again and again
3.drawing board door
5.eyes of the people
6.settled true
7.far from my hands
8.spelling words
9.maybe not i fl
11.what you bring

These guys were from California, and started off doing the straightedge thing in 1987. The band quickly progressed, playing melodic hardcore with a singer who could actually sing. For some truers this might be to melodic, and "wimpy". I don't know... to me it has so much spirit and power that it has always made me feel really fucking good when I listened to it. This record always puts me in a great mood. My favorite song on here is fr i fl...such great guitar playing. The band only put out two records, the 7" ep (which is also up on this blog), and this LP. Think Minor Threat meets "trial" era Verbal Assault.
This one goes out to my good buddy Kurt Dittmer from back in the day, with whom I used to hang with in San Ramon California. I recently got back in touch with Kurt after prolly 15 years. He was always a great friend. One of the first things he asked me when we first chatted again was about this LP, if I still had it, and if there was a way he could hear it again. Here you go buddy!
Back in the late 80's We would chill at his Moms place smoking buds, and listening to all these straightedge bands that his buddies from Unit Pride were recommending to him. They turned us onto the Reason To Believe 7"... By the time this LP came out I had moved back to Albany, but we had both kept up with the band and were listening to it on different coasts, and talking about how great it was on the phone. A true classic, and another record that I own multiple copies of for some weird reason.


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  2. thanks!!! this is the shit nate. thank you for your posts.

  3. Another amazing record! thank you. glad I found this blog.


  4. This was a real eye/ear opener when I got it as I was a fast'n'noisy hardcore kinda guy, but this LP kicked my butt big-time. I think "FR I FL" is my fave, too. I'd urge others to check out this band & their 7".

  5. RAD - I bought this on tape in 1992 and probably haven't listened to it since about 1995. The singer went on to do Sense Field I believe, not sure what he's up to now.

  6. Hi Nate,

    Thanks for posting this record. I loved the 7" you posted earlier and I like this album even more. Great musicianship! It's good to hear straightedge music with melody.

    And since this is the first music blog I ever checked out, I thought I'd let you know that you've inspired me to start my own. It's a really bad addiction. I'm doomed forever!

  7. this isn't the first music blog i've 'taken' music from but it'll be the first where i actually leave a message of many many thanks for posting this...your post has made a fifteen year old tape (which has been fixed three times now) very happy...loved this when i was barely out of my teens and it's still great now...oh, and i'll leave messages, most of the time anyway...i'm sure. . .

  8. thanks for leaving the comment/message.
    Its nice to see, and keeps us blogheads motivated in continuing uploading stuff. It is also nice to hear what feelings/thoughts this music brings to others. I read every comment, and love to hear where people heard particular records themselves. How the record takes them back..etc. even a simple thanks is nice.

    glad you enjoy the music. Nate

  9. yo Nate.

    these guys weren't straight edge, except when Sterling from No For An Answer played bass.

    so catchy

    "Feeeeeear, this fear I'm feeling . . . "

    Check out RFTC "Circa Now" - Jon Bunch does back ups on the last tune.

  10. hmmm, pretty sure they at least started off as one.
    I bought a cassette compilation in 1987 called "open your eyes" that was a straightedge comp that featured a few songs by these guys. Also their first 7"(the orig pressing came out on a s.e. label).

  11. thanks for uploading this, its a great record!!! i hear that pennywise's new album is called Reason To Believe, wpnder if it's named after this band?

  12. "Open Your Eyes" was not a SXE comp. Other bands on the comps included Econochrist, Trip 6, and Fit of Anger.

  13. I think I might have had that OPEN YR EYES comp too. from a Northwest label/zine right?

    I think these guys were ambiguous, but not sXE, just lumped in because they sounded a little like 7 Seconds and Minor Threat. not unlike Verbal Assault who were never really sXe but played w/ all those types of bands.

    trivia : the band name has a mildly "POSITIVE HC" feeling to it. However they were called "Reason To Believe" because it was what the teachers at High School would say to them if they caught them doing something. As in, "we have reason to believe you took Johnny's milk money out of his backpack." heh heh !


  14. Straight edge or not, this i sgreat record... to be honest I got a bit disappointed when they transformed into Sensefield,although these days it's not that bad :)

    keep on posting great stuff

  15. Hell yeah I cant believe this is here. YES YES YES!!!


  16. I love this LP. I have it on both LP and cd. The cd includes the 7". I went to go and see them play with the Herb Tarlicks in Texas in around 87'/88'.
    You blog is the best!

  17. Great album, one I still pop in the car CD player from time to time. Yeah, I never thought they were straight-edge either, but they were some how associated with that scene.

    A great demo to post in the same vibe is the "Free Will" one.

  18. thank you so much for posting this. this album got me through a lot of the bullshit peer pressure in high school. you rule.

  19. amazing album. i still have it on vinyl, but it'll be great to listen to on my ipod. thanks a ton.

  20. This just made my have no idea. Thank you so much

  21. Just looking for some old favorites and thought of these guys.

    Any way you can repost a link since this one has been deleted?