Tuesday, January 27, 2009

WARHEAD the day after LP (1986)

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1.Legions of Hell
2.Evil Night
3.Devil's Church
4.The Day After
5.Black Time
6.Last Night
7.Fall Out

No no silly, not the Japanese hardcore band called Warhead... This is the real deal from Belgium. The obscure band formed in 1981, and only put out two records that I know of, their debut "speedway" from 1985, and this one which I like a lot more. Of course we all love bands called warhead, how could we not? Look at the imagery, so fucking metal, so fucking cool! I mean its definitely not what one will expect when sinking their teeth into this speed metal classic. I of course was ready to hear something akin to Venom, Bathory, or Sodom, not so... these spandex wearing, feathered hair combing puffs play straight up speed metal that reminds me of Helloween, Running Wild, and Living Death. The music is wicked catchy, and stays at pretty much one fast speed, with a guitar tone that is perfect, While the vox Sound like the singer is in a 2000 foot cavern screaming for his mommy. Sometimes reminds me of Biff the vocalist of Saxon. Seriously sick stuff, although "last night" is a total borefest(the last two songs actually). Black Time sounds a lot like a early Maiden song.
My old friend/band mate Kenny D who played drums back in the day made me aware of this shit. Kenny was a true friend for sure. I saw him in California about 3 years ago for the first time in like 15 years. Anyone who has read or followed this blog knows that Kenny was a few years younger than I was, and he and his family literally saved me from the streets of San Francisco in like 1987-88(I was getting into meth at this time). Kenny lived in Livermore California, and moved me out there to his folks place in the 'burbs where I got my act together(well sorta). His parents gave me a car, got me a great job, and Kenny and I would jam crossover metal in his garage. I moved out of my Apartment in the middle of the day, leaving my landlord wondering where I was, and what happened to the 1 year of rent that I hadn't paid. Oh well... I was young. Listening to Warhead always takes me back to Livermore, and hanging, smoking and drinking with my best friend Kenny.



  1. Dude!!!! thank you soooo fucking much!! I have been looking for this record for ages. Your blog seriously smokes.

  2. "No no silly, not the Japanese hardcore band called Warhead..."

    - you know pundits like me only too well. Oh well, I knew 1986 was way too early for them to put out a (for me) unknown LP. Ha!

  3. Nate, speaking of 80's belgian metal, have you heard Target - "Mission Executed"?? I remember your post on the Living Death record, and based on that i think you'll dig that first Target record. peep that shat if your not already familiar wit it.

  4. Yeah ive heard it. I don't own it, but will keep on the lookout for it. thanks Man.

  5. It's great to walk down on memory lane! It's funny how people from different countries have so many similar stories related to the same musical background, reading from your stories it's always great.
    Thanks for the remainders
    Keep up the good work, and please try to post the "speedway" album (the only one I know of them and that I have been trying to find for ages.

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  7. METAL!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Mission Executed: