Wednesday, January 21, 2009

SKEPTIX peace force 7" (1983)

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1.peace force
2.born to lose
3.scarred for life

I recently pulled this one out after listening to one of the bands Christmas songs on some silly UK Christmas punk compilation(Have a Rotten Christmas). Peace force is total Adolescents worship mixed with an tinge of some street punk oi. This is the bands second release. They later released an LP on the Rock o Rama label(famous for putting out Skrewdriver records). Dudes formed during the original first wave of punk in 1978 under the name Vermin.
I remember I initially bought this record in the mid 80's because I'd heard the guitarist replaced Bones in Discharge. I'm shocked I didn't destroy this after seeing Discharge at the Farm in S.F. in 85-86. They were playing all the cock rock stuff they'd wrote and recorded. It was terrible, but funny as hell to watch. They were booed off the stage with punks throwing beer bottles, etc at them. Seriously like 800 kids yelling "play the old shit"! "play the old shit"! DRI, DRI, DRI(because DRI had just played before them). The high light to this show was watching the members of DRI walking through the crowd with a full garbage can, throwing it at Discharge as they were playing. The band pretty much ran off the stage crying. At any rate, listening to this Skeptix ep for some reason reminds me of those times.

Born to lose
I've worked most of my life.
I gained nothing from the dole.
But I kept my point of view.
I never wanted nothing from you.

You fill people full of shit
To get your votes for you.

I don't want your political scene.
I've got better things to do.

Born to lose, I've got the right to choose.
Right to choose!

You only show people the good side of you.
You never show them the bad.
The things you do for the public
Are the things you really want yourself.

Your lies, deceits, and your cheats
But as soon as we've voted for you
We're just some cunts who've got to pay.


  1. Man that story was hilarious. I find myself doing the same thing whenever I don't like a bands new stuff. Great post

  2. hey i never commented here but have enjoyed many down loads from yr. blog i have my own blog and i now know it sucks when people download and dont comment especially in my case where almost all the bands on my blog have me in them in some capacity anyways great blog got you on my links visit me for funny ass shit(check out blood red oscars or putrid teeth)metal punk etc. just like you.
    your new pal,G O D.

  3. I saw this tour as well. Discharge got boo's all across America on that tour!
    Thanks for the memory's.

  4. Sou brasileiro, seu blog eh muito bom. Você tem um gosto extremamente bom pra música cara, demais, só coisa boa!

    Sou grato a vida inteira por esse blog hehehehe

  5. thanks my Brazilian friend...I'm glad the blog pleases you.

    Also... thanks GOD for commenting.


  6. nate, awesome blog, your stories and comments are always fun reading!!!! also, thanks for the comes and bastard posts, my old tape is long since wasted! i don't know if you do requests but in the spirit of the repos/14 or fight post could you put up the killers/9 shocks terror split? i got rid of it along w/ about 100 other ep's in a much regrettable purge like 3 years ago and it would be great to hear again! if not, just keep doin what your doin. later on bro...

  7. Sean.. that one will have to wait until I visit my old hood in Albany to go through some records.
    I'll try to remember though

  8. I can not believe how catchy these songs are. Simple raw punk with such catchiness that is has the songs stuck in my head all day. Thank you Nate, I appreciate your time. Any other recommendations of punk that sounds like this?

  9. thanks dude. I love the bands LP. can you up that as well?


  10. it was pooch who replaced bones in discharge, he went on to do 'helles belles'. then they got fish from skeptix in for grave new world.

    gutted i never saw discharge on GNW tour

  11. Holy shit!!! That discharge show at the Farm was one of the first shows I ever went to! I traveled by bus from San Jose with a handful of other delinquents. Good times!

  12. I still have a tape of that terrible Discharge show you went to. I considered posting it once for posterity but never did--although I may someday. I remember at the part when the guitar cuts out and the rest of the band play for about 30 seconds and you telling me the guitarist had left crying. Awesome but sad. Bones and his brother Tezz have reformed Discharge I think. Both are original members of Discharge (whereas by 1986 I don't think any were original members, although Cal was close and had been the singer throughout their recordings)