Sunday, February 1, 2009

SEPTIC DEATH now that I have your attention, what do I do with it? LP(1985)

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2.dream silent
7.poison mask
10.sweat of nightmare
11.core of reality
12.negative threat
13.mental cancer
17.gore story

My introduction to Septic Death was through the Thrasher skate rock compilation cassettes. Although I lived in S.F. for nearly 3 years back in the mid 80's I only ever saw Septic Death once and unfortunately can't recall to much about them live. They played a benefit for Thrasher Magazine with the Drunk Injuns, Accused, and Beyond Possession. The only band I recall clearly was the Drunk Injuns, and at first I thought they were Septic Death(before they started playing, cos they wore cool skull masks). My buddy Kenny and I were visiting my pal Zoran, and we ended up going to Fog Town which was a skate shop on the upper haight street area that was run by some cool punk dudes. One of The singers from Cause For Alarm worked there. We would go there to buy new trucks and have our boards worked on by the "pros". We saw the flyers for this show, grabbed a few up, and put it in our mental calender to make this a show we needed to see. I was dating this girl "Diane" at this point but she came out to the show from out in the suburbs. She came to the show with her friend Christye, and her boy friend Rob who was this big skinhead that sang for this band Alchemicon. I spent most my time touching and watching Diane, when I should have been watching Septic Death.
Septic Death of course were very influenced by foreign hardcore, and brought that raw energy out for all of us to hear in the U.S. There was so much great American hardcore coming out back then that needing to find or hear stuff out side the U.S. in 1985 wasn't really that necessary to me back then. Another record that I've ended up with multiple copies through the years.
Gotta say I was pretty stoked When Jim my band mate from Devoid Of Faith came to practice in the 90's with a letter from Pushead(singer of Septic Death). Dude was/is a total hero as far as his artwork goes. He wanted to release a record by us on his label. I was so happy, this really felt like the greatest thing that had happened to me musically up til then. good thoughts...


  1. Sick!!! i never saw them, and i am old. thank you

  2. Pushead is a hero indeed. He had his hand in so much stuff in the 80's - he was one of the first to really make it cool to listen to both metal and hardcore. Who doesn't own at least a few albums he did artwork for??

    I'd have killed to have gone to that show. Beyond Possession is/was one of my all-time faves.

    I kinda learned of Pushead from his work on the Corrosion Of Conformity and Hirax records. and one of those Thrasher compilations - the one w/ Beyond Possession, COC, Accused, Septic Death, and I think Christ On Parade was on there too. such a great comp- the COC and Beyond Possession tunes were my favorites. WORD.

  3. Thanks. Pushead really was a hero to me as well all through the 1980's.
    What is he up to these days? Does he still do a record label? Is he still interested in hardcore punk?

  4. thank you for the music and the story. So great!

  5. I haven't talked to Pushead in at least 5-7 years. Last I talked to him he semi followed what was going on in modern hardcore. I think The older we get, the harder I think it is to be motivated to discover "new" bands. Not sure if he is still doing his label(Bacteria sour)anymore.
    I'm sure he is still doing his art, and having fun with his designing toys. He is a super talented person, and was so far ahead of his time in discovering great music.


  6. This record was very important in my musical development. Fast, harsh, brutal...yet with interesting, memorable songs. Thanks for putting this up.

  7. i always wanted this, thank you! i remember sending away for that beyond possession album; it came ups and it was all twisted, melted in the heat. i was like "but it's UPS! it's EXPENSIVE!" it was unplayable and i didn't have any more money, but for some reason i still have it. never got this, though. thanks again!

  8. thanks for this, a band i've always wanted to check out

  9. Ha!! Dude. You were too busy touching girls to follow the show. Personally I never had this problem. Ever.

  10. dude, i downloaded this somewhere else but now wish i got it here. it funny where you find people when looking for music. by the way, l live in the East Bay now.

    Robb of the famous JBA

  11. Thanks for the old school. I'm picking this up on the recommendation of Fenriz of Darkthrone:

  12. the link is dead sir. :(