Saturday, February 7, 2009

LIFE'S BLOOD defiance 7"(1988)

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1.never make a change
2.left me behind
3.stick to it
4.guilty as charged
5.youth enrage
6.not for the weak
7.catch our breath
8. it's not in your heart

I Uploaded this classic NYHC 7" to go with the Jason O'toole interview below. For anyone that has never heard Life's Blood, you really need to. Angry hardcore ala late 80's!! Read on...


  1. I've always wondered what happened to O'toole and Life's Blood. Such great music they dished out. Defiance was the first hardcore record I have ever purchased. I still listen to it every now and then. Such a deep message each song portrays.

  2. I just bought the Sticks And Stones/Life'sBlood split for $20. What a steal! As much as I liked Born Against, I liked LB so much more. I put this e.p. up there with the Victim In Pain LP, The CXA 7",and AOQ LP as one of the best timeless NYHC records.

  3. thank you! this is my favorite nyc xhcx record of all time!!!!!!

  4. NY HC but not really NYHC....

    FANTASTIC record

  5. Man you always have good shit. Ive came back to this blog over and over and always find what I like. Thanks for all of the music and good times.

  6. thanks for the comments and kind words dudes! Nate

  7. Great record! I just came across this blog that has lots of Life's Blood rarities for upload, including the radio sets, and the Giant Studios 1987 Sessions.

    Hey Nate, this is Vinnie (Stormy) from WITB. Just started my new blog, please add it to your links if you don't mind:


  8. perfect nwobhm. Thanx for putting this up. The Blog is great mate.paul

  9. perfect nwobhm. Thanx for putting this up. The Blog is great mate.paul

  10. Hmmm I got this message...
    Sorry, the page you were looking for in the blog True Punk & Metal does not exist.

    Love Lifes Lood! I was hoping it would still be up!

  11. fixed... try that my friend!

  12. I picked up this 7" in '96 while I was home from college. I listened to it once, and when I got back a friend of my room mate talked me into trading it to him for I don't remember what, regretted it ever since. Thanks for putting this up here.

  13. Man this blog is sheer class, its been a long time since ive heard alot of this great music........ THANK YOU BRO!

  14. I just dig this lyrics so much, it is great.what ever happened to this guy, I just can't believe that so many cool bands disbanded after doing stuff like this.

  15. Excellent men I like rock and metal from 80s.
    Thanks for sharing.