Wednesday, February 11, 2009

FIST Back With A Vengeance LP (1982)

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1. Turn the Hell On
2. S.S. Giro
3. Too Hot
4. Lost and Found
5. The Feeling's Right
6. Dog Soldier
7. All I Can Do
8. Devil Rise
9. Going Wild Tonight

Okay, back to some metal after that Life's Blood Interview. Seems like it was well received, so it is something I might be into doing more of on here.
Fist were a classic New Wave Of British Heavy Metal band that put out some quality 7"s and at least one great LP. They formed in the late 70's. I ended up with the bands debut 7" "name rank and serial number" in around 1981 or 1982 from a Strawberry's records and tapes. It took me another a year or so before I picked up this classic. Back then I was a sucker for anything Neat Records put out. I'd start with bands i'd never heard of, buying the bands 7". After I gaged it to see how much I dug them I'd pick up the LP by these bands. Not the heaviest thing in the world now a days, but in 1982 I didn't know any better, and it was hard to find really heavy music. The name, and the record covers always made me think this shit was hard sounding metal. Along with My step Brother Ethan, and my real Brother Brian, we would make these weird assed tapes when we were kids. They would be fake radio shows with dirty language, lots of sex jokes, and with famous guests (who we would of course impercenate). I was mainly in charge of the music and can remember blasting lots of Fist on this show. Both my brothers trusted my judgement of music. Like I said, this isn't the heaviest of metal, but its pretty feel good hard rock that keeps you humming and tapping along.


  1. Just wanted to say that your page, in general, is super rad.

    And also, I totally used to make my own shock jock radio tapes when I was a kid too.

  2. I made these as well. Unfortunately I wasn't using cool bands like Fist in them. More like Peter Frampton, etc.

    I love the blog Nate, really hits home with me. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Hey Nate, the link doesn't work.

  4. Mike~
    try it now buddy. No idea what was wrong. Its working fine now. I just downloaded it myself. Thanks for the heads up bro. Nate

  5. thank you!!1 GREAT STUFF ON HERE.

  6. Good record!
    They used to have the same drummer of Hellbastard for sometime.

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  8. Martin 'Hairy' Harrison, blimey that takes me back, i used to go to the same school as Martin, he was a year above me and was punk as f**k while i was a wee metalhead, he used to play guitar back then. There should be a site dedicated to the NWOBHM (North East Division) luminaries from South Shields.

  9. perfect stuff! More of the new wave of heavy metal stuff my friend! I've learned so much from this site.
    thanks, and keep on giving us great tunz and kool stories!

  10. Mr. Jason O'TooleFebruary 28, 2009 at 4:37 PM

    At least there's no "rap" on these old school metal records. If only there were some selective disease that would only infect Nu Metal bands with rappers...

    Plus they get extra points for spelling "Fist" correctly.

    Instead of hairband: "Fystt" or Nu Metal "Phizt."

  11. ready for more! this one rips.... "turn the hell on" kills me


  13. Yeah turn the hell on is great.



  14. LIKE it! I already loved "SS GIRO" but this whole album seems to be awesome!

  15. Awesome LP, listening to it right now on vinyl! Neat rec. was one of my faves as well ( BIG Raven fan here ). The good ole days!