Saturday, December 18, 2010

POSSESSOR-the black and the red

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1. disintegration bombs
2. tools for revolution
3. 3rd one
4. Possessor
5. cerebus unit
6. mothman
7. the 7th gate
8. trouble Jam
9. Anti system caveman
10. annunahi birdman
11. altered beast

I rarely post Modern stuff on the blog, but this stuff is so damn old sounding, and really hard to find that it needs to be heard by metalheads around the globe. Possessor were from California/Ohio, and Mainly featured members from Annihilation Time, Morbid Death, Life's Halt, GSMF, Bomb Builder, etc. There were a few other Possessors through out the years that played metal, but these guys had it down the best. This stuff is from between 2003-2004, but straight up sounds 80's.
I first heard this in around 2004 when one of the dudes sent me their demo cassette through the mail. I tried to listen to it, but the tape was so crappy that it was hard to decipher what was happening...All I knew was that there was some killer, raw assed Venom worship that I knew I wanted to hear a bit clearer(and not mangled). I wrote them back and told em The tape was fucked up, but really wanted to hear the stuff. Eventually one of the other dudes sent me another copy of the tape. I was stoked upon hearing it and asked them If they'd be into doing a very limited 12" LP of all their stuff. It was supposed to come out on my label Gloom Records, and was going to be limited to 120 copies. The Plant I dealt with had a Valentines day special or something that allowed you to press a really limited run of LPs for a very reasonable price. Unfortunately by the time the band got me the mastered CDR to have plated and pressed, the special at the plant was over. We decided not to do the record. I had thought I lost this CDR until I recently unearthed it when going through stuff that I'd packed away for a recent move to NJ. It was awesome to hear these songs again. I really wish this would have come out, and would love to get it done again. Lost touch with these dudes. There are a few different sessions on this. Enjoy.


  1. Dude, this looks really awesome. I've been wondering what one more Annihilation Time album would have been like but this is the next best like.(maybe better in a way)

  2. I've only heard the song 'Possessor' from the Outbreak Of Evil comp and have been trying to find more stuff by these guys forever! Thanks so much for uploading this! Wasn't there a member of Holier Than Thou? in this band as well? Anyways, cheers!


  3. thanks for the Share! This stuff is pretty fuckin Rad! I would buy an LP of this if it came out


  4. Jimmie,
    Noel (drummer) was in Holier and Lifes Halt and later Annihilation TIme now in Lecherous Gaze.
    These are from 2 or 3 recordings, the latter of which have Shaun Filley (AT/GSMF) replacing Jimmy Rose (AT GSMF) on bass/vocals. The main vocalist and guitar player is a dude named Doane. He had a band around Ventura CA called El Barbero which ruled.
    Nate, I emailed you the contacts for these fools.

  5. Yeah, Mike Doane is a friend of mine. That's so cool that you put this on here. I'm sure he'll appreciate it. The other dudes are still active. I believe El Barbaro has a band camp. El Barbaro was a bit more doom metal sounding if I remember.