Thursday, December 23, 2010

CUT THE SHIT-bored to death 7"

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1.I do it to myself
2.burn the dance clubs
3.the party's over
4.bored to death
5.take back your life
6.get rowdy of misery what compromise
9.crooked teeth
10.I hate fashion

CTS were a Boston hardcore band that formed out of a bunch of kids that were going to college together. Paul the guitarist was from NJ and played in Tear It Up... we'd played some shows together. He was the only guy I really knew from CTS. He was an awesome guitarist and had a killer knack for doing artwork. He sent me the CTS demo tape, and even though it was about 4 mins in length, I was floored and wanted more. I immediately contacted Paul and asked him to do a 7" on my label. He was into it, and had a clear vision of exactly what he wanted the record to look like and sound like. I gave him pretty much free reign to do whatever he wanted. The record sold out pretty quickly, and I think we pressed between 1,500-2000 copies. I had a really awesome relationship with the band that sparked one 7", a 12" and a 10" on Gloom. Best dudes ever... nicest guys in hc during that time period. This is pure thrash.


  1. one of my favorite hardcore 7"s of all time... wish i could get my hands on a real copy

  2. This is one of the gold screened limited to 100 copies. There was gold, silver and pink on a rice paper, hand numbered.

  3. A fantastic band! The only thing I'm missing is the one-sided 7".

    They played Glasgow with The Rites a good few years back one Sunday & there were fuck-all people there. Such a shame, but they still completely ripped the place up. I remember Paul not looking too happy, but then i don't thnk I've seen a photo of him smiling!

  4. Great record. Lots of fun. Saw them in a pizza place in Nashville. Killer show. The version I have is a tour pressing.

  5. Great band, great shows, nicest dudes. I stayed with Paul in the summer of 2002, while I was hanging out playing SNES on the apartment Dreamcast he was making the lay-out for this 7".

  6. my favorite hardcore band from the 2000's. I wish they would do a reuinion show

  7. i got this as a replacement for another 7'' when i used to order from gloom records,fukkin glad i did!
    best 7'' of the early oo's.

  8. cheers for this and the rest!

  9. cheers for this and the rest!

  10. cheers for this and the rest!