Tuesday, May 4, 2010

DIATRIBE-aftermath demo tape(1985)

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1.free the animals
2.glorious war
5.I'm your leader
6.hellish inferno
7.the slaughter
8.one struggle, one fight

This came out the year I graduated high school. A crushing hardcore classic for sure that had the musical influence of Discharge, and took the political views of Crass, Chumbawamba, etc. I wasn't aware of two many animal rights bands back then, it was sort of a radical idea for sure. The tape made the rounds in the tape trading community for over 20 years. It was an obscure beaut that prolly had more influence on bands over seas then it did over here in the U.S.(until more recently I guess). I had a tape copy dubbed from my buddy Louis, who mainly loved anything from outside the states. He loved these guys even though they were from California. The tape disappeared years ago when in a move, I probably gave it away to a friend. Thanks to Charles for this one. The o.g. tape came from him along with a letter from the band, and lyric sheets.



  1. really cool hc. they sorta remind me of attitude adjustment. Thanks for the upload!

  2. I can see the attitude comparison

    i like it as well. thank you

  3. Love this demo. Was booted in the late 80s or early 1990s as a 7". Was officially reissued as a 7" a few years ago by a small US label.

    Reminds me of HEADCLEANERS.

    Terveet Kadet was supposed to tour the US with Diatribe around 1989 but TK was refused entry to the states. There are actually some TK/Diatribe tour posters floating around but the tour never happened!

  4. Cool to see this.We(DIATRIBE)did tour in 1985 without Terveet Kadet.
    Recently reformed with original vocalist and new line up.


  5. loved this band since i heard um on the old motahate comp we wont be your fucking poor.
    my friend who used to sing with the welsh band Cowboy Killers use to trade records with Diatribe,s singer in the late 80,s.

  6. CLASSIC!!!!!! Love Diatribe! I posted 'Aftermath' a few months ago. Anyway, check out my blog-
    Ive linked you already! Hope you can reciprocate! If not, no biggie.

  7. best tape! thanx

  8. Get Revenge was the label that released this on 7" vinyl a few years ago. Thanks for posting!

  9. The people saying they are the reformed Diatribe are imposters and nothing more than a cover band ala The Cured or Led Zepagain.

  10. Bernard the Frog: I'm the guitar player and person that started Ditaribe band and wrote all the songs. I was the one who used to trade stuff with the Cowboy Killers singer in the 80's.

  11. Yeah i just saw G.B.H. the only original member was Colin the singer.
    So i guess that makes them a fake
    imposter cover band.So Julius(Anonymous)can Fuck off.Oh yeah did he tell you he's MR Diatribe?Why don't you show your face at a show sometime?