Wednesday, April 28, 2010

DEVOID OF FAITH-discography CD

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1.Cold Sore
3."Ton Erreur" (Your Mistake)
5.Human Storage
6.Ready To Fight
9.Commodified People
10.Don't Tell
13.Going Sane
14.Path Of Least Resistance
15.Necklace Of Thorns
16.To Be Made An Example Of
17.Boiled Down
18.State Oppression
19.Denial By Machinery
21.3 Fold Law
22.Shark Fin Soup
24.Counterfeit Joy
25.I'll Keep You Safe From Me

DOF was a band I played in from around 1992-1999. Myself, Jim MacNaughton, and Kevin O'Sullivan started the band out of the ashes of Affirmative Action, and Intent in Albany NY. We later added Mark Telfian on second guitar, and then Jay D after we kicked Mark out. We played a lot of shows, got in a lot of fights, and We put out a shit load of stuff. About half of it is on this Discography CD that was put out by a good friend, fellow band mate John Moran. There is an entire other discography part 2, that never came out. That would feature lots of stuff with Paul(third drummer). We really did have a good time back then, playing fast music to people who just stood there and looked at us as though we'd lost our minds. I have nothing but fond memories.
The first three tracks on this are with our second drummer(the metal years with Greg). He only ever recorded these three songs with us. The tracks were supposed to be on a split with Counterblast. The shit never happened. The other songs were off of comps, the 10", and some splits. We left off the first 7"(dysgusher records)because we hated the record. It was imperfect. ha! At any rate enjoy these tunes. We were Devoid Of Talent.
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  1. I loved you guys back then, and I still listen to you to this day. Maybe there's something wrong with me? I guess I am a man in his mid-thirties who still plays with a skateboard.

  2. Sheesh, I just re-read my lyrics to Withdrawal and it sounds like something Glenn Beck would say...YIKES! - Jimmy Mac!

  3. Boy, we are scraping the bottom of the barrel for blog material, aren't we? :)

    Ah, who am I kidding this rocks the house!

    -Dave K.

  4. Nice... downloading it as we speak.

  5. a friend of mine burnt me a copy of this years ago, great stuff

  6. how come theres a title in french? hehe

  7. One of my favorites. Its time for a COMPLETE, all vinyl DOF discography to be released.

  8. i saw you guys more than once. A bunch of times at abc no rio in the early 1990's. One of the top 90's bands that I recall.

  9. As a teenager, Devoid of Faith were a HUGE influence on me. I saw you guys in the summer of 1995 and it blew my mind, really helping me to progress towards other cool bands. Hardware Fanzine's approval also helped!

  10. i picked this CD up at a little record store in stillwater, oklahoma and it was the soundtrack for a very memorable summmer.
    good times.

  11. sweet. you guys were a freaking juggernaut.

  12. Thanks for sharing. Saw you a few times in 1996, before and during the tour w/Dropdead and Suffer. You were brilliant. You gave me the DOF/Seized split and I also got the S/T "7. Glad to be able to listen to your stuff again in my player.


  13. Hell yeah! Only got to see DOF once @ 1st Gloomfest. They were the main reason I wanted to go. I've got this on tape somewhere in my collection. Glad to have it again. Thanks for posting this.

  14. Love thisn ...and part 2?

  15. I remember seeing you in some basement in colonie. Bought my sweet shirt that day that I still rock 12 years later.

  16. that's rad. any idea who else played the show?


  17. Thanks for posting. I have lots of good memories associated with this record.


  18. Been listening to punk and metal for years. I always liked yer music. There are few bands that sound tru were awesome.

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  20. for so,e reason i can download it but it wont work after that, get an odd message about insert disc or something, if you can re up it Id appreciate it. thanks for the great music