Wednesday, May 5, 2010

HELSTAR-burning star LP(1984)

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1.burning star
2.towards the unknown
3.witches eye with the pack
5.leather lust
7.the shadows of iga
8.Dracula's castle

When I re listened to Helstar I heard lots of Omen, a touch of Maiden, and even a c hair of Riot. This Texas metal band has forever been overlooked within the metal scene. I think they were another band that was sorta stuck between the power metal and speed metal scene of the mid eighties. We, the kids were sorta looking for stuff that was faster, heavier and sicker in every way shape and form. Things were becoming extreme in the metal scene, and I think bands like Helstar were sorta lost in that. Its funny because I think as a metalhead I appreciated this one so much more 5-10 years after it came out. The record is a true metal album with NO hints of anything else...just pure 1980's heavy metal.
This is high school shit for me. It reminds me Pounding beers in the bushes someplace in Latham NY on a friday night with friends like Dave Stevenson, and Pat J. Not a care in the world... metal and partying. One of my favorite record covers of the time period. Enjoy this one.


  1. thanks. I'm digging this. the vocals are rad!

  2. cool thanks i heard theyre playing in LA this summr

  3. great cover indeed. weird u posted this as I was just listening to Remnants of war a few hours ago. I never did get Really into this one like i did Remnants though.

    guess i always felt kinda like u did. this one defintely wasnt as heavy as Remnants whichwas the first record i heard by Helstar. still love that one though for sure. Great underrated band for sure.

    they remind me a lot of Nasty Savage in some ways.. just the paths their careers took (at least in the 80s).

  4. Run With the Pack!! Fuckin fist pump galore. Thanks for the upload

  5. Dude, I love this blog. Thanks for all the uploads.

  6. yeah i'll second that. this has been my fav blog since i stumbled upon it a few years ago around xmas and new years '08. you posted Dream Death, NO mercy, Massacra, Necronomicon, Devastation, Neurosis, Agnostic Front, and the Prime evil first demo all in bouta week or so, and i was in heaven, as some of the stuff i'd had in storage and hadn't even thought about for years. for me its not so much the uploads, but some times reading your thoughts on a record i once loved gives me that nostalgiac feelin and i gotta go crate diggin.

    I'm always happy to ssee a new post here, evn if its somethin i'm not real into - just cause i like that you have a real passion for the music, and this isn't just another mass consumption music blog - which I'm NOT fond of.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  7. many thanks for this, and all the heavy music I've found on your blog. please keep it up.

  8. roadrunner hated this cover so much, they made a different one for europe

  9. the european one had some prog rock type of cover. some stars and starships or something.
    i first heard this on music for nations' comp "hell comes to your house". in my early hardcore days i destroyed the record. i was dumb.

  10. I lived in Austin at the time and I saw many metal shows at the Ritz Theatre on 6th st. circa mid-80s. One show had Austin's WATCHTOWER, San Antonio's SLAYER & Houston's HELSTAR. All bands were great but I do recall most of Helstar were mexican-american. I am half & half anglo so I take some pride in knowing this. This show was WAY better than the lps, trust me. Heavy and LOUD! Good memories, Thank You from Texas