Wednesday, May 12, 2010

SHELL SHOCK-more gore LP(1988)

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2.lost in reality
3.circus of fear
4.spank your monkey
5.rock n roll all night
6.more gore
7.crank it
8.look before you leap
9.get with it brain is jelly

Its amazing that these dudes started out in 1980, and released a slew of eps, tapes and even another LP. I'd love to get my hands on that first ep. The band was from Louisiana New Orleans and on this tasty slab of wax, they play some cool crossover that keeps my head bobbing, and my legs twitching. I love these 80's records where the production has so much re verb on the drums and vox that it sounds like the band was playing in a cavern. Engineers were seriously clueless when recording bands like this, because it was sorta new, and they just didn't have much to reference it to.
This record was released on the Toxic Shock label(Raw Power, Inbred, and Zero Boys). The band broke up in 1988, and supposedly had a LP recorded for Metal Blade. If this is true, it remains unreleased.


  1. word em up Nate. i have the Whites Of Thier Eyes LP. Is that the other one your talkin about?? great stuff, and i'm not sure where my copy of this one is if i even still have it at all.

    i don't remember how i first heard these guys, but i remember somehow meeting the guy who put their records out - Bill something was his name.

  2. OH, i think he had something to do with the Act Of Faith 7" (ATL hardcore band) too a few years later, and thats how i came in contact with that guy. i think he now has a store called Toxic Ranch in Arizona.

  3. fav N.O.'s band ever!!! thanks.


  5. I had no idea about the Eye Hate God connection. very cool.

    thanks Nate

  6. the guitarist committed suicide. I think it broke up the band. thanks for the music

  7. Pre Crowbar as well. Jimmy and Kirk were in this band.

    Whites of their Eyes was released in '86.

    The line-up here was: Greg-vocals, Hatch Boy-guitar, Mike Savoie-bass, Jimmy Bower-drums. Though on the LP, Kirk Windstein is pictured on the LP and gets credit in the line-up on both the LP and cassette versions (both of which had different covers), Greg did all the vocal tracks.

    The band split up in 1988 because Hatch Boy committed suicide.

    There is a few other demos and things floating around the internet.

    I plan on posting all the other demo's and things up when I get some time. Nice blog man, keep it up!


  8. Amazing album!
    Just found your blog and I'm discovering so many amazing bands.

    I too have a blog that I post a lot of similar bands... I don't host any album on the site. But If you need anything let me know and I'd be happy to send it over to you.

  9. I knew all these cats very, very well. If EHG gets lumped-in, then in an off-handed way, Crowbar does too. Kirk actually joined the last incarnation of SS, just before (Mike) Hatch Boy killed himself in his van. He and Kirk were best friends.
    After, Kirk and Jimmy (eventually of EHG, and who played drums for SS) started a band called "After Shock", which didn't last, but THAT changed to "The Slugs", then Jim started EHG on the side and Kirk changed the band name to Crowbar, because there was another Slugs.
    And yes, I've got all the aforementioned band's demos. AND....
    One last thing... if it weren't for SS, there would have been no genesis for the NO scene back in the day. Hatch Boy was THE driving force and mentor to many, and he's still sadly missed.
    Be cool all-

    1. Phil.. H... Anselmo?

  10. men I had some problems to get the entire list track, but guess what? I knew a girl in UK that have all the disc, thanks to that girl I could get all the disc, and a date jejejejeje.

  11. Can you reup this?
    I'm a Louisiana native. Funny how I had to find out about this band from a New Yorker.