Saturday, January 2, 2010

BRAIN IMPLOSION-sandgrains 7"(1989)


Here is some more killer, under the radar thrash metal. This three piece band was formed by two brothers, in the Netherlands in 1987. Unfortunately They never recorded a LP or anything after this 7".
I found my copy in a used bin at some flea market on my first trip over to Europe, when the band I was in at the time(the Oath)toured over there. I think I paid a Guilder for it(before the Euro, so it was about .50 cents). I recall being pretty excited to get the record home(back to the U.S.)to listen to it.
I love the guitar sound, and the vocals on this one. It really is just straight up, no nonsense, no thrills thrash metal. If anyone has other info, or a demo by these guys I'd love to hear more about it. Enjoy!


  1. The guitar sound is powerful and it goes straight to your head. The vocals are pretty intense too, screaming all over the songs, that voice could perfectly fit into a hardcore band, and that is just great, as I like a lot the good old fast hardcore punk from the '80s
    The songs are too long for me, but maybe it is because this is a 7" E.P.
    This is a good band I have never heard of. Too bad they never got the chance to release a full L.P.

  2. MacabreM is right. This definitely has a hardcore sound to the vocals. I have never heard of these guys either.
    the first song is the only long one.
    thank you for sharing! Happy New Years!

  3. Yes!! i didn't think hardly anyone from the States would remember these cats. Word em up Nate!!

    They did have an AMAZING demo called "liquidation", and then after this 7", they changed their name to Abacinate or Abacinator, and did another demo or two along the same lines.

    I always loved this shit too, as its right up the same alley as other classic third tier thrash metal stuff like Violence, Gammacide, Raped Ape, etc.

    Nate, I'm sure your already a fan of the first Invocator LP - "Excursion demise"?? anyone who digs ths kinda fast tech thrash stuff should peep the early Invocator stuff (first LP, and demos..)

  4. hey buddy
    thanks for the comments as always! Do you have the liquidation demo's? I'd love to hear that shit.

    thanks Nate

  5. naw, i don't have it here Nate. I did have it at one time, though i can't remember if it was one i actually got directly from the band, or through a trade. Not sure what happened to it, but haven't seen it in years. do still have the 7" thankfully. as far as i know, the "Liquidation" demo was the only other thing they put out under Brain Implosion - the 7" was maybe a year after the demo. but man, how amazing were these cats..??

    i don't think its too hard to find the demo for download Nate. if your gonna try to peep the demo for download, i would also recommend the Abacinate stuff. they had at least two demos from what i remember, one was called "Out of the system", and the first one i don't remember for sure, but somethin like "Life Is Right".. all great stuff, and anything and everything they did deserves a good listen.

    ANywho sorry i don't have the Brain Implosion or Abacinate demos at the moment Nate. you've helped all of us out with so much great obscure music, i wish i could return the favor this time. when i have time, i'll dig through my stash of old school metal and hardcore tapes, and see if any of this stuff turns up. if not there are of course a lot of other great bands along these lines that I'm sure you'd really dig on as well.

    I can't really rip stuff right now, but i could at least pass along some obscure recommendations, if your interested..

  6. I'd love to hear the demo and the Abacinate stuff. cheers to anyone who can point me in the right direction.
    thanx for this post!

  7. I've got the Brain Imploison and both Abacinate demos. Here you go and THRASH ON!!!!

    Abacinate - Out of the System (DEMO 1991)

    Abacinate - (Hol) Demo #1 1990
    This was a rehearsal tape.

    Brain Imploison -Liquidation demo 1988

    Check out my blog for more rarities and old school demo tapes

    Cheers and keep it loud!

  8. MAN, ok i just finally actually threw this on the turntable. i've been commenting on this one, despite not having listened to it in years. it didn't really occur to me till i was actually listening to it again, how much this sounds like Sixty Nine - "Just For The Fun" - from Belgium. i would recommend to anyone and everyone whos diggin on Brain Implosion. its got that same bad ass tight, dry git sound, with the hardcore vox to match. peep this for sure, it shouldn't be too hard to find for d/l.

  9. reminds me a bit of bands like DBC and Caligula.

  10. I can see the DBC comparison.
    thanks for sharing this music.

  11. thanks for those demo's Yappy!


  12. thank you for another rare find.

  13. Holland had a great metal scene at one point. I was lucky that I saw these cats in 1988. Thanks for bringing me back.

  14. great stuff! thanks

  15. their guitar-tone and guitar riffs: A+
    their vocals:
    bass-drum that sounds like annoying clicks:

  16. Wow...this blog is amazing! I came across it by accident (never followed blogs or blogged myself) little did I know that it was a portal to obscure hardcore and metal!
    You have great taste and strike me as someone I'd really enjoy hangin' out with in person! I could sit around and talk metal/punk til' i'm blue in the face! Thx for all the goodies! - Philosofiend

    PS If your curious I have 15 years worth of music projects i've been involved in at:

    *Theres everything from cheesy electro to lo-fi death metal in there so you've been warned...most of it has me on vocals.If you want just the punk/metal stuff i've done then download stuff by "Strychnine", "Dead City" and "Super smashed bros". Enjoy!

  17. I haven't heard vocals and guitars like this in long while. A shame there is nothing more of these guys, just 2 songs aren't enough. It's a boomer that bands like this couldn't find their place int the scene.

  18. Hi everyone,

    Great that all you guys love Brain implosion.
    Our demo liquidation & the ep Sandgrains/ intramural is the only stuff that we made.

    My name is ian jason van Sloten, me and my brother starded Brain implosion along with Bass player Alex Geerts.

    We never changed our name into Abacinate!
    A friend of ours, Jochem Styeenbergen, was never a full member of Brain implosion, although he's mensioned on the Liquidation demo.
    When Brain implosion Broke up, Jochem had his own group called remote control, he asked me to play drums in his group, and changed the name into Abacinate.
    Thats how the sory goes.
    The only ex member of Brain Implosion was meself.
    The Drummer!

    ian jason

    1. As i did say Ian there are possibilities out there.

  19. IMPLODED STUFF - 1 Minute Of Pure Hardcore 2011

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