Sunday, December 13, 2009

DEADLESS MUSS-i will...7" (1985)

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1.Never Say Die
2.Peace Go Away
3.Freedom & Rights
4.God Willing
5.To Do Nothing
6.Future Memory

Deadless Muss are another of my favorite Japanese hardcore bands. A buddy of mine(Louis J)is responsible for turning me onto most all the early Japanese hardcore I've ever heard. I recall him playing this one for me via cassette on our way to see Poison Idea at the Anthrax. It was a two and a half hour drive there, and it turned out that Poison Idea had either canceled or the show was the week before or something. We sat through some other shit bands instead, and went to Trash American Style Record Shop. Remember, this was way before cell phones and the internet. If a band canceled or something happened, it was a bit harder to get the word out. Any way, Louis had like 3 tapes full of Japanese hardcore from all the 7"s and flexi's that he'd been collecting. It kept the 5 hour drive entertaining and educational. His words about these guys was something about them being a bunch of 16 year old kids who could play better then D.R.I.
This all happened in around 1989 or 1990. Much love and Respect to Louis! Thanks.


  1. another quality post Nate. Thank you for sharing. Ive never heard this one. Did the band put out other records? I'd love to hear them.


  2. Thanks. I love this band but never heard of this record.

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  4. this is great! much thanks

  5. Nate-
    This takes me back. I bought a shit ton of japcore from Mike from New Beginning Records prior to the days of the internet and this gem was one of them. Great stuff.
    As for Carl's question they do have other stuff. The only other record I own by them is a single called "860 Seconds Cooking" from 1987.

  6. I have never heard this before. But this is awesome. keep up the good work.

  7. Nate, you have a hell of a memory dude. I used love Deadless Muss.

  8. Louis~
    glad youve been checking out the blog. I owe almost all of my appreciation for Japanese hardcore to you. I can recall the first time you payed Gism for me... I really wasn't sure I liked it.
    Any Idea whatever happened to your buddy Rog? I think he lived in Rotterdamn...then maybe moved to Texas?


  9. Louis is a mo-fo RAGER beyond compare. before i ever met you, Nathan, i used to trade mega-stacks of tapes & the occasional record/cd or 2 with him. go figure. Painesville, Ohio VS Amsterdam, NY. and 2 obsessed Japan HC freaks in 1990, living in the middle of nowhere, freaking out about stuff from half the world away; just going off with what they had/didnt have and just had to hear!!! that was what finding friends & ragers from all over the world was all about before the internet. back when you had to wait 2~3 weeks to get stuff in trade; even if you had swapped phone #s before & had just randomly "shot the shit" on a random late-night phone call after plowing thru xeroxed pages & pages of tape/trade lists you just got in the mail earlier that day... i dont wanna sound like a jaded old guy, but that type of thing just does not exist anymore...

  10. These guys absolutely are some of my favorite japanese hardcore! They also have another EP called "Rise Against" on 8" flexi. If you have a hard time finding that on vinyl, you can always try and get your hands on the Tunes For Fucker Vol. 1 compilation that has that entire 8" on it.

  11. a cover of this album looking so gooooood!!! bulletproof, it's so brutal, isn't it??

  12. What a power I felt first time I listened this album it was something terrific for me, now I'm the fan number one of this Band I want to go to one of their concerts.

  13. What a power I felt first time I listened this album it was something terrific for me, now I'm the fan number one of this Band I want to go to one of their concerts.