Tuesday, November 27, 2007

GORE-mean man's dream LP (1989)

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1.mean man's dream
4.last steps
6.the bank
7.back home
9.meat machine
10.out for sex

This is some pretty heavy/brutal instrumental metal (though in the one sheet I have with this record it mentions punk, the Swans, and Husker Du). It is pounding in that same way, but I find it to be more aggressive, and more metal based.
These guys were from the Netherlands, but I'm sorta guessing on the date of this release, as I couldn't find it printed anywhere on the record. Its from between '87-'89, far ahead of its time in my opinion.
I use this to drown out sounds when I'm reading a book or something, as I can't seem to concentrate with noise in the back ground, and vocals on music just make it that much worse, so this stuff is perfect.
A tough record to find, although it falls through record collector cracks.

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  1. http://cosmichearse.blogspot.com/December 7, 2007 at 1:33 AM

    This is crazy great. Could easily be from 2007. How come I never knew about this one? Ah, well. Thanks alot. and great site.

  2. I saw them live a couple of times,mid eighties, they unfortunately stopped after a while. I once interviewed them for a schoolpaper! They were awesome!, a great lifeband! Nice drummer by the way, lovely guy :).

  3. funny enough barney from napalm death once wrote about forgotten classics in the german rock hard magazine and he also mentioned this one( along a string of aor records , thats weird for sure !) . never heard of the band since or before so thanks a lot - timo

  4. This band used to be the punk Pandemonium

  5. not heard this far many years.thanx for uploading it

  6. Hart Gore, Mean Man's Dream & Wrede were amazing albums. They changed direction a little after changing their drummer (who went on to play with Caspar Brotzmans Massakar) with Lifelong deadline, slow death etc but still good.
    Modern day equivalent would be bands like "Zonderhoof"
    I think Rob Frey is in some Dutch Folk band now?
    thanks for posting this though!

  7. Thanks for posting this.
    The album is from 1987 - John Peel broadcast a session from Gore in that year, in which they played some songs from this album:


    Unfortunately, my tape copy of the session was lost many years back...

  8. Danny Lommen was the ultimate heavy drummer without being Heavy metal. Like Dale Crover but more concise and primitive. Saw him with Caspar Brotzmann Massaker and it was amazing. Wish he was playing still, maybe he is. One heck of a nice guy too. Great band

  9. can you re up dis one? tanks either way....

  10. This is available now from FSS as a digital download. Try flingcosound.com, or look at Itunes, Amazon, Emusic. The album was originally released in 1987, the drummer was in Pandemonium.
    Southern Lord will be putting out CD and LP in the fall.

  11. check Isohunt for download of Hart Gore and Mean Man's Dream

  12. Southern Lord Records within the last few months recently reissued both albums in deluxe, hi-end vinyl editions that you should snatch up pronto while copies still remain. They're cheap too and contain great liner notes for each edition, etc... 180 gram pressing treatment, etc... must haves


  13. There's also a split live album. Henry Rollins Band on one side. Gore on the other. I've got it. Gore's soundman Theo became Rollins soundman later on. Theo played in a Dutch band called Nasmak and ran a studio in Eindhoven. I've seen Gore many times.