Wednesday, November 7, 2007

REST IN PIECES-my rage LP (1987)

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1. Old Grey Mare Stomp/Stark Raving Nude
2. Toys R Us
3. Army Of God
4. Not Worth Shit
5. Keep Your Distance
6. Balls'N'All
7. Joe Ignorant
8. Fools Of The World
9. Waste Away
10. Bitter Mind
11. My Rage
12. Spooky Song
13. Jesus
14. I Watch TV
15. Chinese Fortune Cookie

I discovered these guys around the same time I was living in California and was discovering bands like Infest. I loved this record because it was so fucking hard sounding. Great NYC Hardcore that was a perfect merge of Sick Of It All, and Straight Ahead (all the bands shared members). I was playing with straightedge thing from around 1989-1999, and these guys had that sound on this LP. The heavy mosh parts, and the hardness that was sincere, and predated all the cheesy mosh metal that followed it years later. This is a sick fucking album, and makes me want to punch holes in the wall even 20 years later.

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  1. Man, I remember paying quite a bit for this when it came out (an import, no less) & I think I got rid of it almost immediately. Real macho-type shit & I was a bit too PC for my own good then. Haven't heard it for years, so may give it another listen & see if I missed out on anything.

  2. do you think i ordered mayo on this sandwich? wait... i know what this is!!! BAlls N all is one of the stupidest songs ever written...go figure they were from NYC. old grey mare stomp is really rad though.

  3. Thanks for upping this!

    Just so you know, the last 4 songs on here are from the Rest In Pieces 7"

  4. You had me at "punch holes in the wall." :D