Wednesday, November 7, 2007

DEATH SENTENCE - Not A Pretty Sight 12"(1986)

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01 Live to Die
02 Fake
03 In Flames
04 Feel Fucked
05 Dawn of the Dead
06 Death Squad
07 Nightmare
08 R.C.M.P.

Awesome Canadian hardcore punk that came out in 1986. I bought This on haight street in SF around the same time that I bought the Condemned LP. Later I sold it in my first purge of record selling (1993). I later regretted this, and just recently found this on a Sunday brunch with my girlfriend, and neighbors on the street in Williamsburg. These guys might have played the farm, but I can't recall the show. Not sure what made me buy this record in the first place, or if it was just a whim due to the punk looking cover. It didn't leave my turntable for some time after buying it. It was a great punk record for a metal head to become educated on. I'll get some metal up here soon. Enjoy.


  1. great album. I bought it used when I was in highschool. I lived in Canada for most of my life and miss finding the cool punk lps in cheap stores.

  2. Thnx from Russia!!! Great music and blog!!!

  3. bless your soul for the link. i've searched high and low for 8 years trying to find this record again. it's as good as i remembered it. "i've got a gasoline bomb and the urge to burn!"

    love it!

  4. oh shit, i heard of this but never actually heard it...cheers this will make my day i am sure...

  5. Track 14 is missing...

  6. you can hear a unreleased LIVE track taken from
    Death Sentences 2005 25th anniversary concert only

    enjoy :)

  7. saw these guys in Kitchener, Ontario in 1997. They have always been a staple in my punk collection. If you like Canadian punk, check out my facebook group "CANADIAN PUNK AND HARDCORE CLUB"

  8. Blog's a Bullshit,but it's a Fabulous way to know: I'm not alone... :)))
    Death Sentence is one of the best bands in Punk/HC-area!!!
    We're waiting the CD-Release of "Not A Pretty Sight"...

    Hi Doug! :)

    Greets from Hungary: Z

    P.S: Ciao Slobodane! :)

  9. Thanks for commenting. You aren't alone...

  10. This is a great record, Death Sentence also did a killer version of Planet Clare (B52 song), seems not to be on this record. I see the drummer Doug Donut around Vancouver, he's a new dad and that little baby looks just like him, also Sid is still in town, but I have not seen for a while. The singer Pete passed away a long time ago. RIP. We have lost too many here in Vancouver.

  11. They are finally releasing a CD version of 'Not A Pretty Sight' that will also include 'Stop Killing Me'. I also have a demo tape of theirs that is pretty kick ass

  12. Thanks so much! I use to have this and like you sold it and regretted it!
    They have a few other releases too. I was so happy to find them I wrote them and they actually wrote back. Nice guys. Tangy Terry

  13. I fuckin love this album it took me a looooong time to find it again after being stolen from me,you would think that being fromB.C. Canada that this would be an easy task but it was not, I play it daily since i got it last week and went and bought Stop Killing Me as well,WICKED ALBUM

  14. Here's their killer demo tape from '84