Sunday, November 25, 2007

LIFE'S BLOOD-demo (1988)

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1.maximum security
2.youth enrage
3.guitly as charged
4.katch our breath
5.stick to it

Life's Blood were one of my favorite NYC hardcore bands ever. The Singer Jason was from Albany, and I played in a band with his brother Adam O' Toole, so all of us were excited and very behind the power, energy, and Albany pride that Jason gave us from fronting this great band. These guys were totally hard sounding, but at the same time one of the more intelligent of the NYC bands, as they weren't all about the straightedge lifestyle, machoism, and the idiotic right wing politics that gave all NY punks a bad name during that time period.
Jason gave me this demo along with a bunch of other cool stuff when he returned home from college in the 90's. He was pretty over the entire punk thing, as he'd had a falling out with the other members who went on to start Born Against.
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  1. thanks man i love this band they have everything
    good music and good lyrics

    and born against was good too

  2. thanks for this.awesome blog man.alot of this i remember from back in the day(all of the great thrash and hardcore posted here).i used play drums in a nyhc band called iron youth we did an 88' demo as well,I've seen life's blood out on long island and got the 7" back then.always dug them alot.thanks again!

  3. one of the best hXc bands of all time. too bad that he had a falling out. i hate hearing about bands that were so damn good and now they listen to pearl jam and jay-z. it takes away from the music.

  4. I hope that person did not just accuse me of listening to Pearl Jam or Jay-z. I'll have you know that the CD changer in my Honda Accord is loaded with Void, Negative Approach, Cockney Rejects, Black Flag, Cro-Mags, and well, Wilco...

  5. Hey Steve/Iron Youth
    Please email me if you get a chance. I have a couple questions about your old band.

  6. Steve/Iron Youth, go ahead and email me as well please. I have that demo!

  7. Thanks for putting this one up. I have Defiance and the two songs Lifesblood put out for Where the wild things are album, but for some reason I didn't have these.

  8. ahh im getting this too! i hope your not getting emailed every time i comment! haha

  9. one of the few other good NYHC bands I know of...really powerful stuff with cool lyrics! thanks!

  10. Great stuff, I bought the 7" when I was young but never had the chance to hear the demo. Do you know when this discography LP on Prank will rise up?
    -Walking Thunder

  11. Nate,

    I have to say, out of all of the shows we played, opening for Helmet and Jawbox at Bogie's Albany was a real highlight. We got respect from both those bands. I remember the guys from Helmet were up front for the set and liked what they saw.

    This was around the time that I was writing Kim Coletta about some of the scene politics going on in Albany, so we got to chat for a little while in between sets and she was very encouraging.

    Too damn bad I left the band.

  12. Adam~

    that was a great show. What was that 1990- 91? Helmet were so fucking heavy. It was one of our best shows. Those were great times. We were a sort of family, yeah know? What was that zine you used to do?

    I Saw Roger around Xmas of this year, he is married, and still living in Albany. Kevin hates me.


  13. Those were great times. I had that crazy fanzine Nozzlehead in which I wrote about everything but music. I put out something called maoinhibitor in '95 which was mostly rants and essays.

    If it wasn't for some personal difficulty and the whole Broadcast: New York thing I would have kept at it. I ended up having a bit of an identity crisis and was worried about supporting myself after college, so I front burnered school and buckled down. Got a 3.9 for the last three semesters I was in school and ended up getting a decent job in data networking. This was around the time that Greg B. was starting his indoor skate park and experimental music shows were going on at the Loft in South Albany.

    Moved to Boston in 2000, and tried to reconnect with the alternative music scene, but never ended up playing in any bands. Started a family instead!

    Tell Roger VanD that I said hello. And WTF does Kevin O. hate you?

  14. And, yeah... that show must have been in 1991. The Broadcast NY thing blew up in Jan-Feb of 1992.