Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Direct Action-trapped in a world LP (1985)

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1. H-Bomb
2. Tomorrow's Too Late
3. Living Dead
4. International Blacklist
5. Repression
6. Eat the Rich
7. U.X.B.
8. Fire in the Sky
9. Animal Reflex
10. P.C.P.
11. Angels of Death
12. Hate Generation
13. Spirit of Youth
14. Direct Action
15. Trapped in a World
16. One Tin Soldier

This band were from Toronto, and put this record out the year I graduated high school. I Was turned onto these guys by a dude that semi lived with me in S.F.California in 1986... I forget his name even, but he was a grunt who had gone awol from the marines. The dumb ass had stolen c.o. cartridges, stored them in our basement, and somehow they leaked their way through the air vents, etc spreading teargas through out the house. I ended up with his copy of this record and a few others when he disappeared.
These guys band played a great political hardcore that reminds me of a more metal Youth Youth Youth. I love "international blacklist" and "h bomb".


  1. thanks for this, do you happen to have their demo tape also?

  2. Many, many, many thanx for posting this gem!! I thought this baby was lost forever :-)

    Cheers & great blog.

  3. Wow - I'm in Toronto - your in SF and we had pretty much the exact same taste in metal and hardcore. This blog is invaluable.

    Direct Action a great Toronto band back in the day.. much appreciated.

  4. awesome, I have been looking for this for years! I always regretted not buying this for $4.99 at the Record Peddler back in the day. Saw them open up for Exciter and Rapid Tears at the Concert Hall 1985. Even the speed metal crown was stunned how fast a punk band could play. I read somewhere the singer died some years ago

    1. i was at this show too! Saw DRI at Starwood around the same time? Think i was 15rs old- getting into licensed shows! Man- those were great days!

  5. Allright mate, i've downloaded half yer blog now and figured a huge THANX would be in order.
    this is awesome, and i like that you add comments, though not always relevant to the band, it gives a bit more insight which is appreciated.
    only one bugger is that i had to look up almost each band again to get proper record names for the folders, but its sustainable.
    thanks again!

    oh, and you should check these guys out, might be yer kinda boat:
    kind of hardcore punk\thrash\black metal from norway wiv a bird on vocals!


  6. I once met up with a American fellow who was acting as the tour manager for the British Ska band “Bad Manners”, he was apparently mates of the singer Tim and said of Direct Action’s 1985 album Trapped In A World, was in fact going to be called “Trapped in a Masonic World”. However, it was advised that the record industry was run and controlled by the ‘Masonic/Illuminati’, and that they could well scupper their chances if they named the album and song including the word “Masonic”. So it was agreed to drop the word, though on the odd occasion Tim would insert the word mid lyric. Thus is could have been: TRAPPED [Masonic] IN A WORLD

    Brought into this world with a violent slap
    That’s the first key to the spring of the trap
    T.V. eyed me for remote control
    But life's not a dope opera show

    Trapped [Masonic] in a world
    That I never made
    Trapped in a world
    And it's my grave

    Media blitz gives a numbing zap
    That's the second key to the spring of the trap
    Apathy is a social disease
    Now it's on your feet or on your knees

    Shrinks think your brain is a road map
    That's the third key to the spring of the trap
    Technology advances but their minds remain the same
    18th century rules for a 21st century game.............

  7. I love their cover of "One Tin Soldier"

  8. I played shows at Larrys Hidaway and The Turning Point with Tim and the boys back in 1984. They were the best TO band at the time, maybe ever. Thank you is not enough.

  9. I seen the last gig these guys ever did at Larry's Hideaway in Toronto. It was the "Trapped in a World" LP release party (I still have the flier)I will have to agree with John they were the best punk band to ever come out of Toronto.