Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tyrranicide-god save the scene LP (1988)

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1. Hiding Under White
2. Nails on the Chalkboard
3. Was It Worth It?
4. Think for Yourself
5. One That I Am
6. Facing Reality
7. Denial (Of Hate)
8. Drink, Drive and Die
9. Peer Pressure
10. Pull the Plug
11. Inner Peace / Holy War
12. By His Own Hand

So many amazing things can be said about these Pleasanton California thrashers. These dudes seriously believed heavily in the do it yourself scene, and played tons of punk & metal shows in the bay area.
The first song on this LP is called hiding under white and is about the stupidity of the Klan, racial prejudice, etc. Jeff Hill was an amazing dude and great guitarist and front man. From what I can recall The bands drummer , Mike spent his life on crutches, and was pretty much crippled. I don't know how he was able to pull this shit off. It was amazing to watch him set up his drums then play.
I was very lucky to see these guys play tons of shows/party's in the suburbs of Northern California in the 80's, as my roommate Kenny was schoolmates with these dudes. Metal played with a punk attitude. Listening to these guys makes me think of old friends from that part of my life (jeff Stuckey, mike Lurky, Kenny, K. Dittmer).

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  1. Stuckey, you say? Drop him a line...

  2. dude aged worse than I did Jeff. thanks

  3. hi. awesome blog!

    track 8 is missing from this tyrranicide album. i'm pretty sure it's because there's a comma in the song title. i just discovered that when i zip up albums with a comma in a song title, that song doesn't get included for some reason.

  4. Awesome band and group of dudes...our old band BHT and Anxiety played with them a few times.

    Josh Brooks