Friday, June 15, 2007

Attitude Adjustment-dead serious demo (1985)

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1. Electric Shock
2. 9 to 5 Religion
3. DSFA (doesn't stand for anything)
4. Kristallnacht (instrumental)
5. In The Center
6. Bombs
7. Incredible End
8. Grey World
9. Dead Serious
10. American Paranoia

These guys meant everything to me in 1985-86 while I was living on speed in S.F. Andy "Airborne" Anderson the singer worked at the local record store (the record vault on Polk street), and was enthusiastic about all aspects of underground music. He was always telling stories, turning kids on to new fast music, etc.
I saw these guys at least a half a dozen times, everywhere from the Farm, to the on Broadway, to Ruthies Inn.
This was another band that appealed to me because they played the perfect blend of metal and hardcore punk, influencing so many kids like myself. This demo is so raw and pissed, its a genuine classic. It blows the LP away. Its rumored that Lars Ulrich recorded this demo, no idea of its a fabrication or not.
Andy I hear is now in comedy, and the drummer, Kontos was in Machine Head with some Vio-lence members.
The Above picture is why Andy got his nickname.

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  1. When I hear this demo I can LITERALLY smell stale cigarettes, puke, piss and beer...I'm of course talking about Ruthie's Inn. That and watching Toby Rage walk on people's heads. Good fucking times indeed.

    Good lord these dudes were inspirational back in the old days...

    FYI...check this:

  2. sorry, it borked my link..
    Rick Strahl's blog

  3. Thanks for posting!! This was crucial listening back in high school! Also, did you know that their bass player is in the computer industry these days? Check it out at:

  4. Sorry Jeff!! Should have read your comment before posting mine!

  5. One of my favorite demo's of all time. Thanks.

  6. Looks good, haven't heard of these guys. Thanks!

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  8. Pretty nice band, I don't if Lars actually had anything to do with this, I doubt it to be honest, there would be information on that somewhere. And Airborne is a good nickname, he really can take a jump, that is a very well timed photo.

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  9. We can talk about "punk fashion" and I think those guys are models or something like that... I don't care about their music, might they don't used the common sense. Punk fashion has been extremely commercialized at various times, and many well-established fashion designers have used punk elements in their production.

  10. Cool to reminisce the good old days Chris Contos is an old friend of mine. I was in San Diego and I found an Attitude Adjustment T shirt so I bought it and was laughing how i had to go to San Diego to find the shirt

  11. Did anyone see this ?? Im trying to get all the Attitude Adjustment, Condemmed Attitude, and Attitude stuff I can find. Willing to pay. Any takers ?