Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Wasted Youth-Reagans in 12" (1981)

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By cryptocomx at 2007-06-26

1. Reagan's In
2. Problem Child
3. Teenage Nark
4. Uni-High Beefrag
5. Born Deprived
6. Fuck Authority
7. You're a Jerk
8. We Were On Heroin
9. Punk for a Day
10. Flush the Bouncers

I saw these guys at the On Broadway in 1985. A totally great show with many like minded punks and metal heads thrashing around together. What I recall most about the band was the guitarist's clear guitar (totally reminded me of Black Flag).... I'd never heard these guys yet, but after the show ended up with this LP. Unfortunately nothing the band did after this, was even half as close nor as godly as Reagans in.



  1. Holy shit, man! I've been wanting this album forever! Thank you! I think the picture of the singer with blood running down his face and chest is more famous than the band. I have one of their metal songs on the Leatherface soundtrack, but it's clearly not hardcore (and not as good as this). Speaking of Leatherface, do you have the SGM album (metal-punk crossover from Seattle). Their song "Power" totally blew me away when I was 12.

  2. I have this on vinyl in mint cond. One of my favorite southern calif true bands hardcore punk. Say hi guys SuburbanSmutMob@gmail.com
    comment under songlist is so true Reagans In really is the classic HOW MANY COPIES PRESSED? on vinyl of course...

  3. Thank you very much my friend, greetings from South America