Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Nasty Savage-s/t LP (1985)

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1. No Sympathy
2. Gladiator
3. Fear Beyond the Vision
4. Metal Knights
5. Garden of Temptation
6. Asmodeus
7. Dungeon of Pleasure
8. The Morgue
9. Instigator
10. Psychopath
11. End of Time

Nasty Savage were from Brandon Florida, and were rumored to feature a pro wrestler as their front man...Nasty Ronnie Savage. The band had a devote following, and lots of interest from kids like me, a year before the LP even existed. This was due to Ronnie's use of underground rags, and hype he pretty much created himself way pre internet.
This LP is basically just some early stripped down speed metal, with awesome bass licks and riffage and then Ronnie's over the top screams added to liven things up a bit. This record is the first that I'm familiar with, that was recorded at the now infamous metal studio "Morris sound"(you know... Morbid Angel, Terrorizer, Assuck, Cannibal Corpse, etc).
Nasty Savage might have started or discovered something good in the waters of Florida.

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Nasty Ronnie taking on a member of the audience



  1. Oi Nate...good to see you back after surgery! You know it was all that meth that got ya! :0

    Seriously, good blog...I'm dl'ng Nasty Savage now after all these years.

    That NAME though dude! UGH!!!

  2. Oh and there's been tons of metal en masse uploads on damaging noise...SCOPE IT!!!

  3. Sean
    the 80's killed my nose for sure... plus painting hasn't been the best occupation concerning 'fumes" either

    thanks man. your blog rules as well. when i can figure out links, you'll be my first add. Nate

  4. Hi, Metalhead....Do you know the nasty's album called "stabbed in back" or some like this ?
    If you find it, please post it !!!
    And thanx a lot to share those pearls in your blog !!!!
    BTW, i'm from brazil and a lot of those stuff you posted never arrived here at that time.

  5. Love this fucking band!

    - barger

  6. Nasty Ronnie Galletti actually ran an indy wrestling promotion out of Florida called Hot TV Wrestling. I think they still exist and here's a link to their site...

    I saw Nasty Savage play here in Ontario with Sacrifice, D.R.I. and Sick Of It All years ago. Ronnie was pissed because the promoter wouldn't provide a television set for him to smash and roll around in.


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  8. Being a diehard fan of Florida's scene for more than a decade the only thing i have to say about Nasty Savage is that they influenced the whole scene really silently. Many bands used their techniques and this band hugely influenced the whole early thrash-death florida well known bands n style in general. Total respect !

  9. Those most have been fun shows having to deal with the front man taking someone and going all "Stone Cold Steve Austin" on them. The music is really good pretty fast just what I enjoy en the road.

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