Thursday, April 26, 2007

Assassin-the upcoming terror LP (1986)

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1. Into War
2. Forbidden Reality
3. Nemesis
4. Fight (To Stop The Tyranny)
5. The Last Man
6. Assassin
7. Holy Terror
8. Bullets
9. Speed Of Light

More godly German Metal here. These guys formed in 83-84ish, and played thrash metal at bare bones speed. They released a number of ok sounding demos before releasing this, their first full length. Some metal elitists might complain that the music is to "simple", but come on, its thrash metal, and this shit wasn't rocket science. These guys were heavily influenced and similar sounding to Destruction, though their riffs were a bit more sloppily played. My favorite tune on this release is "the last man". Great lead guitar playing, and varied riffage make me wanna bust out my cut off denim jacket. Believe it or not, my love for German metal was partially what got me into German hardcore. This is an A+ German thrash album.


  1. believe it or not , but one of these guys(keep forgetting who it was) actually became schmaltzy entertainer/crooner after he left the band. that`s life....., but great record anyway - cheers timo

  2. I like the 2nd Lp even more.
    I have a shirt with the design of the 2nd Lp with a GLOW IN THE DARK Assassin Logo. How awsome is that?

  3. dude, i swear u went to 'off the wall records' in madison wis. and bought very record i traded in for beer money

    thank u for shred down memory lane

  4. i got this out and listened again yesterday and i gotta say these guys shoulda been right up there with Destruction, Kreator, Sodom.. the guitar work on this record was so cool the first time i heard it with all the cool little panning leads n shat. and best of all, the music SOUNDS like that album cover - especially the first minute or so of Forbidden Reality.

  5. Great band, playing in Norway next weekend

  6. Sweet blog. Thanks for the metal.

  7. thank you very much!! this blog rocks!!