Friday, April 20, 2007

Iron Maiden s/t LP (1980)

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Prowler/Remember Tomorrow/Running Free/Phantom Of The Opera.
Transylvania/Strange World/Charlotte The Harlot/Iron Maiden.

Iron Maiden were formed in 1975. Bassist Steve Harris attributes the band name to a movie adaptation of "the man in the Iron mask" which he saw around that time pierod, and so the group was named after the brutal torture device. This record was a leader/pioneer in the NWOBHM sound. It was a great metal record, and a great rock record as well. I was lucky enough to see these guys from the "killers" tour on up through "powerslave". Leaving the Glens Falls civic center after one of the concerts, I can recall getting in actual fights with Priest fans (number of the beast/screaming for vengeance tour).
I discovered these guys when I was prolly 14 years old. I can remember seeing a dude at a video store wearing a Maiden t shirt. I was intrigued by the artwork featuring Eddie the monster. In those days it was hard to find good music, you really had to search it out. When you found it, it was expensive. An LP back in the early 80's was still like $8.98. Gas was less then a dollar a gallon, cigs were as well...
Most of my friendships during that time period were based around the love of this band. I recall meeting a buddy named Patrick who was a year younger then me, who also shared a love for this band. His nick name became Adrian, because he looked much like Adrian Smith.


  1. Iron Maiden kicks @$$!

    Thanks for your posts. This blog has some great rare music. Keep it up, and up the irons!

  2. nate
    i saw maiden on powerslave '85 when i was 12 years old. my older brother took me and made me wear a british flag t-shirt. did i mention it was sleeveless? this is the BEST maiden album and di'anno SMOKES dickenson!

  3. One of the all time classics! This was the first Maiden album I bought! My life would never be the same.

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  5. Best band ever.Period