Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kohu 63-Lisää verta historiaan LP (1982)

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1. Ihmiss
2. kaatakaa...
3. kyllastynyt
4. lisaa verta historian
5. me ollaan jumalia
6. nayta niille
7. olet taydellinen
8. punkakaartilaisten
9. ruakkaus on sairautta
10. sotta
11. taako on vapautta
12. teilla ei oo maailmaa
13. tulevaisu lohduttaa
14. turmellus
15. valtaa lll
16. valtaa V

Kohu have supposedly been around since 1978. This is the Bands first LP, as I think they released two 7"eps prior to this LP.
Two guys who were from Germany (who I somehow met through my buddy Zoran) turned me on to this LP (by giving me a tape), and lead me to be under the assumption that the band was from Germany. It prolly wasn't until 1988 or 1989 that I discovered that Kohu 63 were from Finland. If you've never heard the band, I'd compare them to Discharge a bit. total punk rock with NO metal influences whatsoever.



  1. If Im not mistaked, Kohu 63 is ow back together again. I think they were in finnish punk documentary Punksters & Youngsters. Not very good doc IMO, boring old first wave bands and stupid young kids with their ( much better ) music. Some bits of HC, but not much.