Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sodom-victim of death demo (1983)

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1. Witch Hammer
2. Devil's Attack
3. Let's Fight in the Darkness of Hell
4. Victims of Death
5. Live from Hell
6. Poisoned Blood
7. Satan's Conjuration
8. Witching Metal

So many fake assed metal bands have tried to sound like these guys through the years. These Krauts were pioneers, and along with Venom, and Bathory created and lead the black metal movement. The bands first demo is from 1982, this one is better and two years later. There is a rawness to the sound that these guys had that was closely related to hardcore. Don't let the sound quality/production get you on this demo, as It was meant to sound as hellish and raw as possible. The bass sounds like something off of an early Discharge record.


  1. total kult nekro pioneer demo from one of the most influential early wave of Teutonic blackend thrashing metal force.

  2. if youlike this have a look at their lords of depravity dvd , that features a great part about their inception and early days and the eghties metal scene in germany in the eighties ! - timo