Saturday, April 28, 2007

Heavy Load-metal conquest mini LP (1981)

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1.You've Got The Power
2.Dark Nights
3.Heavy Metal Heaven
5.heathens from the north

Great Swedish metal that sounds triumphant, and catchy as hell. I'd say these guys played nwobhm styled metal... seriously a great mini LP that came out in 1981. Nothing else I've heard from them has even come close to this 12". The band released an LP previous to this in 1979. Great cover art as well.

Heavy Load - Metal Conquest Download


  1. Ah! Nice to see a swedish band here. So much better than Europe. Forefathers of the stupid vikingmetal? Great great blog. But I agree that rapidshare is annoying if you´re not registered. I want to download all you put up NOW!
    Cheers from Skåne

  2. Does anybody know where can I buy this vinyl?

  3. What an awesome band!!! my god!!! thank you very much!!!