Thursday, April 26, 2007

D.A.M. -human wreckage LP (1990)

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1. M.A.D.
2. Death Warmed Up
3. killing time
4. left to rot
5. prophet of doom
6. terror squad
7. total destruction
8. vendetta
9. human wreckage
10. aliens
11. F.O.D.

These dudes were from England, which is not the country I think of when I think of this metal genre. Not the most ground breaking speed metal ever, but considering it being released in 1990 (late for this stuff), I think its pretty awesome. I understand people complaining of it being generic, and it is. I just like it cos I think it sounds like a lost Exodus or Metallica album.

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  1. D.A.M (Destruction And Mutilation) were from Lancaster in the North West of England, they had a couple of demos and 2 albums as I recall. Their biggest break was supporting Nuclear Assault on the 3rd European leg of their Survive tour (1st supported by Acid Reign and Reanimator, 2nd supporting Slayer). The final gig of the tour was in a tiny club in Morcambe called The Gardens, purely cos it was the support bands home town, was a great show. I remember seeing D.A.M. in a pub in Lancaster called The Boars Head, the singers dad came and got drunk and spent the whole show at the front telling everyone that that was his kid up there. Priceless.