Monday, April 23, 2007

Papsmear-lunch for the p.m.r.c. demo (1987)

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I got this from the drummer of T.H.C. (Thrashing Hectic Circle) in Livermore CA. at a show in around 1987.
Papsmear were one of those metal bands that when you mentioned their name, girls went,,,ewww!
They were from Las Vegas and played some pretty awesome speed/thrash metal that had some great hardcore influences. I'd compare them to Sacrilege B.C.
The band never had a proper release, but only three demo tapes. Its a shame, because they were great. This demo is only about 10 mins long, but well worth having.


  1. They were one of the few bands to thank Romper Room Rejects on their demo.

  2. They were one of the few bands to thank Romper Room Rejects on their demo

  3. DUDE!

    Eric from Papsmear is still one o' the coolest cats...I'll have to send him this link.

  4. Thanks so much for this post!
    In the glory days of metal and tapetrading they were one of the most promising bands...
    I remeber the buzz about this unit..
    word was that it was a project of Dave L. from Slayer..
    shame they never made an album!
    Do you have their first demo??
    (paptest, die killing etc..)
    Dude I enjoy reading your blog!!!
    Be good,
    Marcus from Holland

  5. is this the same Papsmear that was on one of the Speed metal Hell comps?

  6. This was one of my fave bands in the old days.
    Like Marcus said:same band with songs like:paptest,daddy's little princess...?
    Keep up the good work!!!!
    Tallie also from Holland.

  7. man the link is dead, can you re-up please???