Friday, April 20, 2007

Dark Angel-we have arrive LP (1985)

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  1. We Have Arrived
  2. Merciless Death
  3. Falling from the Sky
  4. Welcome to the Slaughterhouse
  5. No Tomorrow
  6. Hell's on Its Knees
  7. Vendetta
This LP brings back some great memories for me. My friend Zoran from S.F. and I were pretty much inseparable during those days. We'd go to almost every show, bomb hills on our skateboards, and get fucked up on anything that could get us a buzz together. Zoran knew everyone. Every time Dark Angel would plow into the bay area we would be there, on the guest list and hanging out with the undergrounds fastest and tightest drummer, Gene H. The guy was huge (prolly like 300 pounds), but never slowed down or missed a beat. One evening in particular I can recall hanging out in the Safeway parking lot drinking beer, and eating pirogies with Gene. This record reminds me of those times. Great thrashing speed metal from L.A.


  1. Really insane album, thanks for sharing!
    Your blog rocks, your history is quite interesting dude!
    Keep it up dude, this blog is an important fragment of history!
    \M/ \M/

  2. can only agree, the comments make great reading( and of course the music is class A too) - timo

  3. That is NOT Gene Hoglan on drums on We Have Arrived. It is Jack Schwartz.

  4. This kicks ass dude, I missed this one back in the day.

  5. Thanks for the link. I don't understand this album cover. whey there are naked women, naked witches, a tombstone and an guy with a shovel.