Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Phantom Lord-evil never sleeps (1986)

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1. speed demons
2.highway of death
3. call of the wild
4. battle zone
5. evil never sleeps
6. mercy killer
7. wicked world
8. avenging angels

I don't think most people can deal with the vocal style that bands like Phantom Lord try to pull off. Its just so typically metal, high pitched screaming that erks most people I know. Me myself I love it, because Its exactly how metal was supposed to be in the early 80's. screaming vocals, screaming leads and wanks that make me want to get out my guitar and jam. Sick riffage on this record, Jack Starr from Virgin Steele plays guitar on both this bands albums. Evil never sleeps is the bands second release. The first album listed fake German names, as the band faked to be a German masterpiece.



  1. Couldn't agree more! True 80's metal with all the perfect elements!

    Thanks & Cheers

  2. ladies and gents, phantom lord :


    and about every single other heavy rock group that existed at the time.

    thanks again Nate !