Sunday, April 22, 2007

V/A End The Warzone compilation 7" (1987)

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L'arm (Holland)
1. the complexity of life
2. only reality
3. haagse mafia
4. o.s.l.

Pillsbury Hardcore (CA.)
5. ready to fight
6. bombs away

Attitude Adjustment (SF)
7. Bombs
8. american paranoia

Straight Ahead (NYC)
9. on parade
10. we stand
11. stand united
12. whose to blame
13. spirit of youth
14. think right
15. point of view
16. unnecessary violence
17. my problem

I lived in S.F when this now rare compilation came out, and the label that put it out was from the area as well making this an easy record to get at the time, it seemed to be everywhere. End the Warzone was maybe the 4th or 5th international compilation I'd ever listened to, and I loved the idea of the 7" compilation format (at the time). The reason I bought this was because of my love for Attitude Adjustment, I'd seen them lots, and owned their demos. The Singer Andy worked at the Record Vault and convinced me to by many great records (cleanse the bacteria, Uniform Choice, Septic Death, etc).


  1. The link is dead. Could you re-up it, please?

  2. I'd have to say the Straightahead tracks are very sought after on this release given their lack of vinyl (other than the Breakaway EP)... We are all waiting for a proper version of NYC Mayhem's "For Real" EP with the earlier rawer versions of some of these tracks. There's a bootleg and it sounds like one!