Saturday, April 21, 2007

Poison Idea-pick your king 7" (1983)

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1. think twice
2. it's an action
3. in my headache
4. underage
5. self abuse
6. cult band
7. last one
8. pure hate
9. castration
10. reggae (I hate)
11. give it up
12. think fast

I first saw Poison Idea at the farm in San Francisco (the band was from Oregon). The singer was blowing fire, burnt a bible, and liked to cut himself up on stage (blood was running down his head like a pro wrestler). The combined weight of him, and guitarist Pig Champion almost brought down the stage. It seriously was buckling in the center. I was in aw as these overweight behemoths shredded away, mixing up older hardcore punk with tight metal riffing. My pal Zoran later tried to trade some hash with Porcell from Youth Of Today for the youth of today 7" (YOT had earlier opened the show).
I seem to remember years later going to see P.I. at the Anthrax with my friend Louis, and them either canceling or us having the date wrong. We were stuck seeing Dirge instead....ugh.
Pig Champion sadly passed away not so long ago. He was a legend, and made a huge impact and contribution to the punk/hardcore community.

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