Friday, April 20, 2007

Antidote-thou shall not kill 7" (1983)

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1. Die at war
2. foreign job lot
3. got me on the line
4. life as one/Nazi youth
5. real deal
6. something must be done
7. zero mentality

One of my favorite NYC hardcore/punk bands ever. A great buzzing guitar sound with hard hitting, and controversial lyrics push this hard to find, and VERY rare ep over the edge. The band has achieved a cult like status amongst punk rock record nerds world wide. Supposedly 500 copies existed??? Almost 25 years later, and these guys one great release is still influencing hardcore bands of modern times. The song Foreign job lot has gotten the band in trouble with p.c. types forever. Funny thing is that they also have an anti nazi song called Nazi youth. It was the 80's... thats all I can say.


  1. This is the way hardcore should be: raw and pissed off. Too bad only few bands succeed in sounding like this. Great seven inch. Thanks a lot!

  2. i have to agree to the first post. Fuckin Pissed of at all, that how that music was supposed to be.

  3. missing one track

  4. Greetings gloom666!
    Thanks a lot for sharing this great album. I live it as much as you do

  5. what does p.c. mean?