Friday, April 20, 2007

Holocaust-heavy metal mania 7" (1980)

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1. heavy metal mania
2. only as young as you feel

This e.p features two great songs by these U.K. metal kids. The bands follow up was an equally as great LP called the Nightcomers. These guys really had no idea what they were doing at the time, or even realized how groundbreaking, and influential their early work would become. To me these guys are the NWOBHM. Metallica were just one band who were VERY influenced by Holocaust.


  1. Yo Nate. What up?

    Artie sent me the link to your blog and I will be scouring that shit from the very beginning and listening to each and every track (needless to say).

    Looks like a wealth of metal knowledge to me.

    Congrats on the big day recently!!

    -Dan (PCB 02)

  2. Brilliant stuff. Never heard of it before, and I don't think i ever will, but it's great

  3. All tracks are good but HEAVY METAL MANIA is the Metal Anthem that's for sure

  4. This perfect because all music related to punk and metal is my delirium, that's something I can't describe, and you are making me so happy with this blog I'd like to find more like this.

  5. Excellent thanks a lot for share it, I really like this band from 80s they were a real success on that times, were the rocks starts to being big.

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